September 23, 2021

MND campaigner and former Scottish Woman of the Year Lucy Lintot is expecting a daughter.

Farmer Glasgow Times Scott Woman of the Year Lucy Lintot is expecting her second child.

Lucy was the youngest person in the UK to have motor neurone disease when she was diagnosed eight years ago at the age of 19.

Glasgow Times:

She and her fianc Tommy Smith, an apprentice plumber, announced the good news on Twitter with the message: Caught … electric bolts come in pink!

The couple has a son, LJ, who is now 18 months old.

Doctors have told Lucy that they think she only has MND. World Twice pregnant after diagnosis

In an interview with the Sunday Post, Lucy said: “We have a girl. The baby is coming on New Year’s Eve. I found out I was pregnant in April. I was scared, but happy and excited. We “After the 20-week scan, I didn’t want to tell anyone but my parents. They are very happy and we can’t be happy.”

Glasgow Times:

He added: “I wanted LJ to have a friend. If I died he would always have a best friend, and I wanted to give Tommy a little girl. They could all take care of each other. Will

Lucy, from Mormot’s Garmouth, was diagnosed with MND, an incurable condition that usually affects people over the age of 40, when she was 19.

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Since her diagnosis, Lucy has opened her life to helping other victims, with regular videos and awareness campaigns, and she has raised more than £ 200,000 to help find a cure. Is. In recognition of her incredible efforts to help others, she was awarded the Glasgow Times Scott Woman of the Year in 2018. Her blog, ( continues to inspire people around the world.

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