September 28, 2021

Mixed reception for Glasgow Rochelle Hospital plan approval.

Critics of the Northern Glasgow Housing Development have been cautious. planning Approval after changes to projects under community pressure.

Councilors yesterday gave the green light to a scheme to redevelop the former site of Rochelle Hospital with a building on 400 houses.

Initial plans were previously criticized as “cut and paste plans” for “identification” properties that were not respected. History Of the site.

A new “bespoke” design code has been adopted for using red bricks as a sign on the back of the hospital’s red sandstone.

Developers Belway Homes have also heard concerns about the A-listed water tower – which has been named the most beautiful in Glasgow – and the B-listed stairs on the plot.

Glasgow Times: Rochelle Hospital redevelopment plans.

The tower will be retained as a “main feature” and a “pocket park” will be built nearby.

Concerns were raised about the intention to have 160% car parking spaces and this problem remains, but a Council It is hoped that this can be reduced to 125%, the official said.

Paul Sweeney, MSP, supported Bellway’s call to go back to the drawing board and make changes to the designs.

Glasgow Times:

In October last year, he told the Glasgow Times that “the proposed design car parking is a weak and old-fashioned suburban gated community of expensive private homes at sea.”

He expressed mixed feelings about new, better plans, but acknowledged that positive changes had taken place.

He said: “There was a strong campaign by the locals but it is still going to be a dominant community.

“There will be 160 car parking spaces so a little bit of the suburb has been transplanted into the inner city.

Glasgow Times:

“Bellway has agreed to do all this with red bricks and has agreed to keep the sandstone carving and sculpture from the hospital, so that’s great.

“And they want to change the plans for the water towers and stairs.

“Bellway has responded to comments from the local community and, although there is still excessive car parking, this is a welcome improvement.”

At a planning committee meeting, Councilor Eva Bollander asked for a condition to strengthen the reduction in car parking, which the committee agreed to.

Final layout of car parking will need to be provided before work can begin and landscaping will be required where parking is removed.

Bellway Homes will build the Brownfield site in Blandland Drive with 243 houses and 160 flats in 10 blocks on site.

Rochelle Hospital opened as a communicable disease hospital in 1900 and was absorbed into the NHS in the 1940s.

It was closed in 1998 and the Scottish Enterprise bought the land in 1999 before selling it to Bellway Homes.

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