October 18, 2021

Mina Jatla returns with a terrible threat to Victoria Sugden.

MEENA Jutla returned to the village next week in Emerald with a terrible threat to Victoria Sugden.

The bad nurse played by Pige Sindhu in ITV Soap – she is beginning to realize that her boyfriend David Metcalfe and the chef are a little too close.

Emerald's Mina Jutla is back on her old tricks at Emerald next week.

Emerald’s Mina Jutla is back on her old tricks at Emerald next week.

And he’s definitely not happy.

Earlier this month, Victoria (Isabel Hodges) confessed her true feelings about David in hospital when he was shot by the evil Russ Posner (Rob Jarvis).

Mina is slowly beginning to realize that the couple is clearly more than just friends and is not happy that Victoria is stealing her man.

As viewers will know, they are tracking David (Matthew Wolfondon) through a tracking app while he was in Spain.

In the scenes due to the wind next week, the villain returns home and decides to move into his home to help take care of her.

When she sees a suitcase and a chef’s hat on the door, she looks red and is convinced that they are from Victoria.

David later suffered a horrific flashback from the shooting when Carl fired a gun at The Hyde.

Victoria manages to calm the shop keeper and their special moment is wasted when Mina comes out of the blue.

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The nurse decided to ban Victoria from seeing David, and she became more frightened as Mina’s true colors began to emerge.

The serial killer also manages to persuade David to let him control his medication, so could this be David’s fate?

Earlier this week, we teased that Mina would be torturing her boyfriend.

The serial killer replaces its strong pain killers with paracetamol, which relieves her anxiety.

The shop keeper ends the day of the attack and Mina feels very happy for herself.

Will Mina’s bad plan work or will David see his bad ways?

Emerald airs on ITV.

What do you think Mina is doing?

What do you think Mina is doing?

Emerald’s Leila Harding discovered her husband Liam Kanag’s lie when she went to the hospital.

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