Millie Gibson and Jack P Shepherd of Coronation Street look different than their characters as they bask in the sun outside of sunset.

CORONATION Street stars Millie Gibson and Jack P. Shepherd looked very different from their characters as they basked in the sunset.

It’s 19 degrees in Manchester today and the couple have definitely taken advantage of the warm weather in the northern capital.


Millie Gibson of Coronation Street was spotted taking a break from filming at Media City today.1 credit
Jack P Shepherd, Who Played David Platt, Looked Like A Rock Star Dressed In Black.


Jack P Shepherd, who played David Platt, looked like a rock star dressed in black.1 credit
Millie, Who Plays Kelly Neelan On The Hit Show, Chatted With Her Co-Stars And Crew.


Millie, who plays Kelly Neelan on the hit show, chatted with her co-stars and crew.1 credit

Jack, 34, who has been playing David Platt on the ITV series since 2000, was spotted wearing a black suit during a break.

The star opted for a black t-shirt, jeans and boots as he wandered around the set in Media City.

He completed the look with sunglasses and a silver chain around his neck.

Meanwhile, Millie, who plays Kelly Nilan on the hit show, was spotted walking with Imran Habib actor Charlie De Melo.

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The 17-year-old girl looked incredible in a blue suit.

Millie completed the look with two white Converse high top caps and aviator sunglasses.

She put her hair in a parting in the middle, and gathered the blond strands into a low ponytail that did not fall on her face.

Charlie chose a yellow T-shirt, blue jeans, and was holding a black hoodie.

Their walk in the sun was a nice break from the intense filming they were doing for the show.

Like viewers, Kelly recently struggled to take care of her mom, Laura, who was diagnosed with cancer.

Luckily, Gary Windass and Maria Connor offered Kelly’s mom a place to stay so the three of them could look after her in her final days.

However, lately Laura has become very jealous of the relationship that Kelly has developed with Maria, so she went on a drinking binge and got drunk.

Fortunately, Gary found her and sobered up, but kept all this a secret from the young man.

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Although it didn’t go according to plan, because Bernie Winter accidentally dropped her there and said she must have had a hangover.

Kelly had a big fight with her mom and asked her to leave, but Gary managed to reason with her.

While all of this was going on, Maria was fighting her campaign to save the land children play on in Weatherfield.

But now they’re going to build it on the old piece of land where Gary buried Kelly’s father.

Millie Was Spotted Enjoying The Sunshine With Imran Habib Actor Charlie De Melo.


Millie was spotted enjoying the sunshine with Imran Habib actor Charlie De Melo.1 credit

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