October 18, 2021

Michelle Cagan wears a chic jump suit with her husband Mark Wright in Spain before Jaisal’s wedding.

Michelle Cagan looks stunning in a chic jump suit when she meets husband Mark Wright in Spain.

The Brask actress wore a green pair before her sister-in-law Jessica Wright’s wedding to her fianc William Lee Camp in Majorca.

Michelle looked chic in a khaki green dress.


Michelle looked chic in a khaki green dress.Credit: Backgrid
She joined her husband Mark and his family in Palma, Majorca.


She joined her husband Mark and his family in Palma, Majorca.Credit: Backgrid

Michelle, 35, looked stylish in a khaki jumpsuit, while her husband Mark, 34, dressed her in a navy shirt and pink shorts.

Accompanying him on a visit to Palma were Mark’s father, Mark Wright Sr., as well as his older brother Josh and his wife, Holly Kane.

The group was seen walking through the city and out of a large stone building when our female actress spoke to Mark’s family.

Stepping into the bright Spanish sun, Michelle can be seen flowing down wearing her long black traces.

He was carrying a sun hat in his hands, as well as an Akhtar bag, while protecting his eyes from the dark brown sun.

The star wore her green play suit with simple gold jewelry, including chain necklaces, hoop earrings and a ring.

Meanwhile, Mark was seen gossiping with his father when he partially took off his shirt and cut his hair from the gel.

This is the only trip to Balearic Island before Essex star Jessica’s wedding – after touching Majorca this week.

Jess, 35, and her husband, William, arrived early Sunday with their younger sister, Natalia, and the rest of the family.

The former reality star was seen leaving Palma Airport when William, 34, loaded the couple’s luggage into a car and drove them away.

Jess told her social media fans that she was going to Spain for her wedding in a teaser Instagram post over the weekend.

She shared a photo of herself sipping champagne in the British Airways First Class Lounge at Heathrow Airport.

The blonde captioned the photo “Then the journey begins”, as sister-in-law Michelle commented: “Here we are!”

Jess had previously revealed that she “can’t wait” to move on after her marriage was delayed due to epidemics.

The star was anxiously awaiting the big day of her dreams when she was considering scrapping plans for a Spanish wedding.

He told Hello Magazine that the coming big day feels “stronger and more emotional” and “more exciting” because of its location.

“Josh is so real now that he’s actually moving on. We didn’t know for a long time whether it would happen or not,” Jess explained.

“I can’t wait. It’s going to be a big and emotional day, and it’s going to be the most frustrating time anyone has ever had.”

IBIZA Poultry Party

Michelle is one of Jess’s 13 brides, including her younger sister and many of her close friends.

The group went to an incredible chicken party for Abiza last month before the wedding, where they were seen drinking and dancing.

The 35-year-old reality star was dressed for a night out and looked stunning in a figure embracing a white figure.

The celebrities were the center of attention holding a glass of fizz and looking excited to be away after their first chicken was canceled due to cove.

Inside the family holiday.

Mark, meanwhile, gave fans a glimpse of Major’s break when he told his Instagram that he would return to his “favorite place in the world.”

The family was seen renting a boat and traveling around the Mediterranean, listening to music and relaxing.

He said: “Boat Day. Here’s my favorite place in the world – Majorka, of course not that boat, but it will work. Good day. A little lunch, dreaming. Get the most out of last month. Lifting summer. “

Her father, Mark, joined the group at intervals to help build his dream Essex home, but was not prepared to show his abs at his son’s request.

Mark, his sister Natalia and brother Josh were all in the gathering.


Mark, his sister Natalia and brother Josh were all in the gathering.Credit: Backgrid
Michelle was seen carrying a sun hat and Akhtar's bag.


Michelle was seen carrying a sun hat and Akhtar’s bag.Credit: Backgrid
Mark, meanwhile, kept things comfortable in printed shorts and a navy shirt.


Mark, meanwhile, kept things comfortable in printed shorts and a navy shirt.Credit: Backgrid
Jess is getting married in Palma this week.


Jess is getting married in Palma this week.Credit: instagram.com/jesswright77
Mark Wright’s family vacation in Majorca without Michelle Kegan before sister Jess Wright’s wedding.

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