September 23, 2021

Michael Gove’s dance shows that politicians can relax.

Let’s be honest here.

If you come out of the nightclub Levi and see Michael Gove throwing shapes in his best blazer and flannel on the dance floor, you’ll drop disco biscuits there and then.

Michael Gove's wild dance proved that politicians can be loose.


Michael Gove’s wild dance proved that politicians can cut loose.Credit: EMMA LAMENT
Maybe that means they can be more relaxed and start making the right decisions.


Maybe that means they can be more relaxed and start making the right decisions.Credit: Emma Lement.

But don’t be afraid, Aberdeen’s party animals. There’s really no need for someone who was at the city’s pumping bohemia club over the weekend to help with the illusion.

Because yes – the little artist was really there at 2 o’clock in all his glory.

Waving his hands in the air as if he doesn’t care; about making the disabled workable.

He even tried his best line so far regarding the £ 5 entry fee: “I don’t have to pay, I’m Chancellor of the Duchess of Lancaster.”

Which definitely beats like hell: “My friend has the keys to my house there, I’ll only be there for five minutes.”

Then he left and went down with his evil self – and they don’t get much worse – for the next 90 minutes, he’s probably lived the longest time of his life without trying to ruin anyone else.

And hey, who knows? For all those who are giving him a hard time predicting, perhaps the person who puts the numbers in techno has unknowingly attacked the magic potion to lighten politics.

We are singing melodies. We are talking about emotions. We are talking about house music.

Imagine that they’ve installed some strobe lights in Westminster and Hollywood, pushed back the benches, and realized that they would start making some big decisions, leaving everything to Pettong.

After all, who would be in the mood to close a hospital when the speaker is giving a loud bang on the deck?

Who would choose to start a fight when Frankie’s old school remix is ​​playing and asking who it’s good for?

Think about it, why only one speaker? They should have a whole bank, with volume control of each they can crank up to 11 whenever the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition start snapping in the chamber, so that eventually they give up trying to listen to each other and just Get down with their good feet.

This is the love of the common people, brother, the love of the common people.

And if you don’t believe me, just look at these pictures of Mayo Go to see what difference music makes to man.

All we have access to is a strange flesh sculpture, forever it looks like Rick Moranis is playing in the honey, I’ve shrunk the welfare budget, to send the worst cold through a furnace With capacity

A man who walks into a room and it looks like two people have just come out. A fun hover.

Magic position

Still take off his tie. Add it to real people to shake every last ounce of their weekend enjoyment.

Point him in the direction of the forest as he bumps into something and make him feel like the boss is walking through the soles of his brogues?

Bang, that’s Michael Grove. Ever since he decided to become an MP, he seems to be more calm, happy and closer to man than ever before.

Look, we all have these two parts, we all have a different personality – one half tells us to keep our heads down and work, the other half anxious to give him tapes off and when it comes to singing Climbs the bar On.

What a happy, secure, less polarized world we live in if the people who run the show can combine these two parts and release them half-free from the button.

Michael Grove

How happy it would be if they stopped doing what their rose color had told them to be expected of them and begin to hear the voice that motivates them to do what people want. Smiles

Just think, if one day, we would be able to look back and see that the first step towards this safe and happy world was taken the night Michael Gow put on a dance floor like a hyena in a gazelle nightclub.

He will have to put up a plaque on the wall outside the club in his honor: with thanks to the Chancellor of the Duchy of the Soul.

Having said that, I actually thought of suggesting that they rename the place after the occasion to commemorate it.

Before it starts that Club Goo sounds like a lot of feasts

Strictly Judge Craig Revel-Horwood rated Michael Gove’s dance because the MP was filmed at an Aberdeen club.

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