September 17, 2021

Messi and his wife Antonella suffered a “breakdown” after learning of their departure from Barcelona.

It’s been a frustrating week for the Macy’s family. The departure from Barcelona and the subsequent relocation to Paris sent the family on an emotional roller coaster. For the first time, Lionel Messi has revealed exactly what happened after he realized he would have to leave his club for more than two decades.

Messi said he was not present at a meeting between his father and Barcelona president Juan Laporta last Thursday. He had expected his new contract to be signed and finalized, but George Messi arrived with the complete opposite news.

He told the story. The BBC’s Galim Balag.Saying that he got the news at home. “He came to see. [Barcelona president Joan] Lipporta and when he came back he told me and wanted to get me ready before telling Antonella and the kids.