September 28, 2021

Memories of Glasgow’s top alternative club The Keith House as (finally) celebrating 30 years.

Iconic Glasgow nightclub Keith House is celebrating its (late) 30th anniversary today, and if you go to a club there in the 90’s, our pictures are bound to evoke some memories.

Unable to hold a shuffle last year due to the coveted, it continues tonight as a weekend reopening celebration. The best time to damn memory lane, we understand.

Glasgow Times: Keith House Clubber.

Fast-paced, fast-paced and not afraid to go where other clubs were feared to run, Keith House has been a legend in the city since it opened its doors on Brown Street in 1990.

She moved to her current home on Union Street in 1997. At the time of its inauguration, fireworks were set off on the roof and the fire service thought there was an explosion at Central Station. “They went crazy,” owner Donald McLeod admitted in an interview with our newspaper in 2008.

Glasgow Times: Keith House.

Keith House has guided Alternative Club Knights and Power Age Rock and Metal Gig for three decades. Her under-18 night, Voodoo, was very popular. Dress code? Anything goes, as our reviewer wrote in the early days: “Anything from a black rubber corset to groin jeans;”

Here are nine more things you (probably) didn’t know about Keith House:

1 Pearl Jam, booked before his ten albums, made him a superstar, gave him the honor of booking and in 1992 paid only 400 fans for £ 300.

2 In 1994, Oasis recorded a live version of The Walrus at the Beatles’ Keith House. A vinyl copy of the track now sells for over £ 500. At the same concert, the Manchester Super Group was supported by the lesser known band The View.

Kiss, the manager of 3 Rock Legends, once threatened to sue Keith House for promoting an ‘official’ after-show party when he played SECC, only for the group in which the guitar legend Jane Siemens was among those who demanded the party stand at the door of the Union Street Club

4 Lemmy from Motorhead, Elance Morrisette and actor George Wendt (Normal from Chairs) are just a few of the stars who Drink it. (Reportedly, Morrisette left quickly when she was crowded by fans in the women’s loose.)

Glasgow Times: Elance Morrisett.

The Glasgow Alternative Scene Company welcomes Anthrax, Blackstone Cherry, Frank Carter and Rattlesnakes, Stone Age Queens, Fallout Boy, and Halstrom.

Glasgow Times: Donny Touret of the Towers of London.

Back in 1992, former Big Brother House matt Donnie Torrette brought his band, Towers of London, to Keith House with ‘tight leather whirlpool, big hair and loud, party rock’ n ‘roll’. Rapidly turning the crowd into a singing musket, the band did not hold back, Donnie climbed on the speaker, hung over the beam, and dived into the crowd.

Glasgow Times: Inside Keith House.

In 2007, Friday nights at Keith House took a different turn. While DJ Berry and Billy set the tone for Level 1, Martin Beat of XFM Scotland played Indie, Emo and Rock at Level 2. “I try and put people on their toes a little bit, throw things that are shocking to the rocks,” he told our reporter. People like it … ”

Read more: Remember when the oasis played balch 25 years ago …

The 8 Lead Zeppelin Tribute Act, The Levy Breakers, helped Keith House celebrate its 17th anniversary in 2007.

9 signs are that the wet wet Marty Pello was once the cashier at Keith House.

* What are your memories of Keith House? Contact us to share your stories and photos.

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