September 20, 2021

Memories of Glasgow: Cover the city’s great theaters of the past.

EXCITEMENT is building between them. Theater Fans across the city are preparing to reopen after an 18-month hiatus.

Here at the Times Past headquarters, we thought it would be a good time to troll through the archives to revisit the great old stages of Glasgow’s past.

Some of these pictures are bound to evoke the memory of the readers of the past of the Times.

Glasgow Times: Sisters Elsie Waters and Doris Waters' cousin Charlie's Double Act was very popular in the 1930s.

Have you participated in any of these productions? What is your favorite theater in town, past or present? Do you remember the long lost places where many Hollywood stars surrounded the boards?

Our photos show a galaxy of stars, some legendary, some long-forgotten, who dreamed of making a name for themselves in the lights above the city’s famous theaters.

Glasgow Times: Larry Marshall, Helen Kent and Frances Sullivan.

For example, with Kenneth McKeller, Mary Benning and Faye Lenoir, in the Royal 1960s Pantheon A Wish for Jamie in Alhambra, written by John La and choreographed by Peter Darrell, who will be the artistic director at Scottish Ballet.

The Evening Times Reviewer wrote, “Howard and Windham boss Stuart Kroshenk, fulfilling his desire to stage an All-Scottish panto, threw a cabaret through the old tired panto routine and came up with a flashy production that Give the audience a standing ovation. ” After the first night

Glasgow Times: Cinderella (Jane Lindsay) and her car, the pavilion.

Jane Lindsay was in the pavilion in a shining form as Cinderella, here is the car complete with picture. In 1970, Phil McCall made a wonderful widow, Twanki, in Aladdin.

Glasgow Times: Citizens' Theater in Allauddin in 1970 with Phil McCall as a widow.

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Glasgow Times: Stanley Baxter and Ricky Fulton 5 in the last 8 shows.

Stanley Baxter and Ricky Fulton were still examining whether it was the time of the Five Past Eight Show in the Alhambra in 1958, while Larry Marshall, Helen Kent and Frances Sullivan were seen in the 1956 Rather Glenn rap in Whigmelaries.

Contact us to share your stories and photos.

Meanwhile, over the decades, the murals in these beautiful pictures from cinemas around the city.

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