September 16, 2021

Melania Trump strongly opposes COVID-19 White House election night party

New reports claim that former US First Lady Melania Trump did not support her husband’s decision to host parties amid the Coronavirus epidemic, but she eventually lost the election night party debate. Gone.

“To be honest, we won this election: how the inner story trip was lost,” a new book by Michael C. Bender claims that the former flotilla did his best to ensure the party. That President Donald Trump was planning for the expected victory. It was not held at the White House in November. The book, published Tuesday, claims that he rejected Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ request to use the White House three times for the ceremony. the people.

However, just nine days before November election day, Meadows reiterated that the White House was the best option for the party, as the original location, the Trump International Hotel, was limited by local regulations. Melania, who recently recovered from COVID-19, told Meadow that she “doesn’t like it.”

White House Chief of Staff Timothy Harlett and his spokeswoman Stephanie Gresham, who warned him about the possible length of the party, also confirmed his sentiments. “Win or lose, there will be protests tonight. Are we going to end up in the White House with a 300-person slimmer party if these people can’t get out?” Gresham, who resigned after the capital’s riots, told the floats at the time, according to the book.

Melania herself grew up in a variety of large gatherings after the Rose Garden ceremony for the next Supreme Court Justice Amy Coe Barrett in September 2020, which was a notable indoor gathering, and was later dubbed “Dr. Event. Her husband had already been severely criticized for dealing with the epidemic and for openly ignoring preventive measures such as social isolation and face masks.

Also, Donald, Melania, and their teenage son Barron, who contracted the virus in the fall of 2020 after a presidential debate with Joe Biden, where Trump’s children refused to wear masks despite what organizers said. Had done

However, when Melania rejected Meadow’s request for the party for the fourth time, she took the request to the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kishner, who then took the matter to the president himself. Four days before the election, Donald called his wife Air Force One for 15 years, and claimed in the book that she would allow the gathering.

Mrs Trump allegedly told her husband, “This is your night. Do what you have to do. You’re going to do it anyway.”

In cases where Melania failed to stop the party, she separated herself and her son from the crowd and lived in the part of the residence where his parents also lived. “She will come when Trump needs to stand with her for a public speech,” Bender writes.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump appeared here on January 20, 2021, the last day of her husband’s presidency. Photo: AFP / Alex Edelman

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