September 17, 2021

Melania Trump responded to Rose Garden’s “disrespectful” criticism of the historian.

Former US First Lady Melania Trump has maintained complete silence since leaving the White House in January this year, but has now responded to her critics.

The former Floats, whose renovation of the White House Rose Garden has drawn widespread criticism, did not elaborate in its defense at the time. However, when a historian last week tweeted his dislike of Melania’s work with a picture of the garden, Melania’s office resorted to social media platforms to retaliate against her claims.

A tweet from Melania’s office on Sunday called Michael Beslos’ remarks “misleading” and “disrespectful” and questioned his reputation, saying he shared photos of the garden. Were taken when they were not fully open.

chBeschlossDC has proved its ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden in its childhood. The Rose Garden has been awarded with healthy and colorful roses. Never trust. ” Read the tweet.

Basculos, NBC News’ presidential historian and a frequent critic of former President Trump, shared a photo of the massively deprived Rose Garden last week. “The demolition of the White House Rose Garden was completed a year ago this year, and there was a terrible consequence here – decades of American history were lost,” he wrote.

Melania’s office responded with a picture of a side lawn full of fresh flowers, but did not share a picture of the entire garden.

Revealing the newly renovated garden in August last year, Melania’s office at the White House said it wanted to match the area to the original 1962 design of Rachel Lambert Mellon during the Kennedy administration. However, his move sparked criticism for radically changing the shape of the historic garden.

In addition, a petition was filed in April this year calling on First Lady Jill Biden and Second Lady Doug Emmehof to change the changes at Rose Garden. “We want Jill Biden and Doug M. Huff to do that and restore the Rose Garden. [former first lady Jackie Kennedy’s] Original design, “Read the petition, which received more than 80,000 signatures.

US First Lady Melania Trump
First Lady Melania Trump then attended a Congressional Luncheon at the Rose Garden.
Photo: Official White House photo by Andrea Hanks.

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