September 22, 2021

Meghan Markle Latest News – Duchess ‘alive and can’t compete with Pierce Morgan’s off-job win’ Susanna breaks GMB silence

Pierce Morgan won a major ‘freedom of expression’

A statement issued by Ofcom yesterday said: “This interview became a major international news item and we acknowledge that it was legitimate and in the public interest for ITV to include observers such as Mr Morgan. Broadcast debates that include truth, timing and possible allegations.

“In line with the right to freedom of expression, broadcasters can offer strong views on the issue, including those that cast doubt on the claims.

It is clear that, according to Freedom of Expression, Mr. Morgan was entitled to say that he did not accept the allegations made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and that he had strong views and expressions that strongly challenged his account. Has the right to

“The code allows individuals to express strongly and strongly debated views, including those that are potentially harmful or highly offensive, and allows broadcasters to include them in their programming.

“Restrictions on such views, in our view, would be an unfair and cold restriction on the freedom of expression of both the broadcaster and the audience.”

Offcom ruled that it was
Offcom ruled that it was “entitled” to say that it did not believe Meghan Markle had mental health problems at GMB in March.

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