September 18, 2021

Meet the team behind Glasgow’s Electric Eclairs.

Finding a kind of baked good in Glasgow is not an easy task that has not been done before (and has been done very well).

We’ve got really bad choices when it comes to independent bakers who seem to cater to every sweet tooth’s desire with seemingly endless pop-up businesses.

It is impressive that Knightwood’s husband and wife, Brendan and Arlene Lewis, have found a place in cooking and delivering beautifully crafted eclairs called eclectic eclairs.

Glasgow Times:

Photo: Brendan and Arlene Lewis Owners and founders of Eclectic Eclairs.

Telling the story of how the business went, Brendan said: “Both Arlene and I come from a hospitality background and have worked in the industry all our lives.

“We were on holiday in Russia a few years ago and we saw eclipses that looked very beautiful.

“We tried a few things, and they were so good that the memory of them stuck in our minds until the summer of last year’s lockdown.

“We just wondered why we don’t really try to make ourselves some favorite eclairs.”

Glasgow Times:

Like many new businesses in Glasgow, Lockdown gave the couple the push they needed to move forward with this sweet idea they couldn’t shake.

Due to the delicate nature of the pastry, it is notoriously difficult to work with.

However, trained chef Brandon says raising the bar is something he and Arlene use in the industry years later.

He said: “We started making it from our kitchen in our house for our family and friends and it has just grown from there.

“We both laugh at it sometimes because we know we don’t make things easy for ourselves.

“I think this kind of attitude comes from working in the hospitality industry for so long, we want to do things the right way.

“If you look at the Glasgow market right now, a lot of places are trayback, brown or cookies.

“It’s not easy to make Eclairs, but we know people will appreciate them.”

Glasgow Times:

On top of the technical expertise involved in creating these artisans, the pair have achieved success thanks to their combined creative continuity that compels them to find unique and interesting taste combinations for their customers to guess.

Brandon said: “Chocolate orange always works well, we started with this and other classic flavors like lemon meringue pie.

“But we always like to be a little creative with our tastes, which can sometimes come with just a moment’s encouragement.

“For example, when it was really hot outside this summer, we came up with the idea of ​​making a 99 inspirational clearing with vanilla icing, strawberry sauce and a big chocolate flakes.

“It tasted like summer.”

Glasgow Times:

Keeping their menu fluid has certainly allowed Eclectic Eclairs to be ready, but Brendan says it’s because of their loyal customer base that they’ve really started to open in Glasgow. the meal Scene

He said: “We like to cut and change things. I would say we have made 18 to 20 different flavors from the beginning.

“We are always adding or removing something to our website and listening to customer feedback.

“We currently do home delivery with three different flavor boxes that we post in advance on our social media so that people know what they will get.

“We’ve had a couple of great pop-up shops in Denston that are great.

“They got us a lot of attention and followers on social media because someone posted about it on the community Facebook page.

“It’s the way business has grown so far. We haven’t really advertised or paid for any marketing.

“It’s just word of mouth, which is great.”

Glasgow Times:

Taking the time out of the business and working to develop their products means that Brendan and Elleren are now at an exciting crossroads with eclectic eclipses as they ponder what the future holds for them. ۔

Brandon said: “We are still looking for a permanent unit as it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the requirements for working from home kitchens.

“We would like to have a place as a bakery with a small shop.

“I think Ecclesiastes will always be what we basically do, but I know that with Arlene’s creative mind, he has some other ideas that we can do.

“Your usual bakery items but everything with unexpected small twists the way we like to do things.

“It’s definitely interesting to see the next step.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking, but we’re really hoping that in the next few weeks we’ll get to the point where we can say, ‘That’s it, we’re ready for the big time.'”

Eclectic Eclairs are based in the West End of Glasgow but deliver throughout the city.

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