Meet the hottest racing couple that could make the £7.3million dream come true on Saturday.

YOU might think that the richest horse racing in the world should be for the likes of Frankie Dettori, the superstar jockey who has seen and done it all in his storied career.

But the truth is that the quiet, unassuming couple in their 20s could be £7.3m richer on Saturday night.


Jockey couple Saffy Osborne and David Egan can celebrate winning the richest race in the world on Saturday.
The Couple Had A Great Time In The Middle East During The Winter.


The couple had a great time in the Middle East during the winter.

Because where Tom Marquand and Holly Doyle paved the way for couples battling on the track, the younger duo is about to get their attention.

Meet David Egan and Saffy Osbourne, the hottest racing couple who may soon be the richest.

Egan, 22, already knows what it means to win the Saudi Cup.

Last year he won a £7.3 million prize for first place riding the superstar horse Mishriff.

Egan from Kildare in Ireland timed his run perfectly on a five-year-old coached by John Gosden who went on to win in Dubai and York.

Even rumors of a £71,000 fine he received after winning for whiplash violations couldn’t dampen the glare of the win.

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The essence of the race is that the jockeys receive a share of the total prize fund.

Egan would have received about a million dollars for winning the Saudi Cup.

And he jumped on Mishriff again for the big race in Riyadh on Saturday.

A victory there would be significant for several reasons.

It would have been another lucrative Group 1 success for the quiet Egan, son of the hardy jockey John.

Egan And Osborne Are At The Top Of The Racing World Right Now.


Egan and Osborne are at the top of the racing world right now.
Saffy'S Own Career Took Off Last Year Under The Guidance Of Her Former Jockey Father, Jamie.


Saffy’s own career took off last year under the guidance of her former jockey father, Jamie.

And that would mean Mischriff would become the highest paid horse of all time.

The win will lift his career earnings to £18,478,059 and top the current Winx record holder by £14,564,743.

Not bad for a horse that started his career with a £365.65 check after finishing fourth at Yarmouth in October 2019.

It might even have been better for Egan, who has ridden his last six races since taking over from… Dettori.

Why? Because this time he will once again celebrate the conquest of the world with his girlfriend Saffy.

She was just 19 when she made headlines for topping the £2 million Racing League series last year.

That high point in the saddle – so early in her career that she’s already amassed a winnings of just under £500,000 – comes amid a desperately low point when nasty death threats sent to her on social media went viral.

She boldly put it all behind her and resolutely continued.

And she even had the opportunity to follow in her father Jamie’s footsteps by training several horses in the Middle East during the winter.

It also gave Saffy and her man the opportunity to have a good time together.

The couple were pictured laughing in the pool, dressing up for boxing nights and, of course, spending hours on horseback.

Egan said he bought an Audi RS7 for £115,000 after winning last year.

Maybe this year he and Saffy could ride something even more special again with a win.

Egan Celebrates Winning Last Year'S Saudi Cup - The Richest Race In The World - At Mishriff


Egan celebrates winning last year’s Saudi Cup – the richest race in the world – at Mishriff1 credit
There Is No Doubt That The Pair Are Paving The Way For Racing Greatness.


There is no doubt that the pair are paving the way for racing greatness.

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