September 20, 2021

Meet the Big John: The World’s Largest Tracy Tops for Sale in Paris – Expat Guide to France.

A Paris auction house will try to sell the world’s largest dinosaur triceps, known as “Big John,” in October, organizers said Tuesday.

Triceratops is the most prominent of the dinosaurs because it has three horns on its head – one on the nose and two on the forehead – which gives the dinosaur a Latin name.

The “Big John” is the largest surviving example, 66 million years old and a skeleton eight meters long.

It will be on display at the Drott Auction House in Paris from October 18, where it will be presented by expert auctioneers Giquello on October 21.

It is estimated to sell for 1.2 to 1.5 million euros ($ 1.4- 8 1.8 million), although dinosaur auction sales in the past have been very unexpected.

“Dinosaurs have export licenses and have dozens of potential buyers,” said Alexandre Geckello of Gaeklo House.

A two-meter-wide skull, about 200 bones and large animal horns were being collected behind the windows of a Droot exhibition gallery in central Paris on Tuesday.

A unique specimen in which the skeleton is more than 60% complete – including 75% of the skull – was discovered in Big John 2014 by geologist Walter W. Steinbull in the US state of South Dakota. It was restored in Trieste, Italy.

The sale comes amid continued excitement for dinosaur skeletons, with prices often reaching records that are unable to surpass public museums and research centers beyond private buyers.

In October, a rare aloe vera skeleton, one of the oldest dinosaurs, was auctioned off in Paris to an anonymous bidder for three million euros, more than double his estimate.

A few weeks ago, a 67-million-year-old T-Rex skeleton sold for .8 31.8 million in New York, breaking the record of a dinosaur, valued at between $ 6 million and $ 8 million.

However, in 2020, many dinosaurs offered in Paris did not find buyers after reaching minimum prices.

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