September 20, 2021

McDonald’s Monopoly UK 2021 Latest.

What deals are available on the app?

Every Monday, there are a lot of deals available to cash in the app.

They’re also exclusive to the platform, so you won’t find prices anywhere else.

You can get a big Mac for just 99 99 this week, usually a favorite fast food will cost 3. 6.369 so hungry Dell hunters can save 2.70.

You have to order it on the app and claim it from your nearest McDonald’s by 11.59pm tonight.

You can also get things like رول 1.99 breakfast rolls, about 80 80 paise cheaper because it’s usually £ 2.79, just before 11am.

Before that, you could pick up McMahon for 99p.

But the specific food on offer may change each week, so there may be something new on offer for just one day next week.

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