October 27, 2021

McDonald’s France is accused of targeting children with hidden advertisements.

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A lawsuit has been filed against McDonald’s France, alleging that it uses social media to send advertising messages to children affected.

Consumers’ association UFC-Que Choisir said on Wednesday that the fast food chain was guilty of “fraudulent business practices” following forbidden and anonymous “partnerships” in programs designed for young people.

In a ___ StatementThe NGO said McDonald’s was emphasizing its support for “young influencers to encourage their children’s audiences” to use McDonald’s products.

Were at the center of criticism. YouTube videos. The kids are having fun re-introducing McDonald’s restaurant at home “with flawless McDonald’s packaging”.

UFC-Que Choisir said that other videos show him amazing packages of toys that are found in happy food.

‘Easy goals’

“Transportation is most critical because the targeted community consists of children, who are less equipped than adults to recognize hidden advertising messages.”

Concealment of advertisements has been considered a fraudulent business practice in France since 2010, with a complete ban on product placement in television programs designed for children.

The UFC-Que Choisir said McDonald’s “fraud” was even deeper because it was a signatory to an EU pledge not to advertise food in children’s programs.

However, the NGO added, social networks were like “the land of a legal person” taking advantage of the rules of self-regulation.

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