September 17, 2021

Max Verstappen won the historic Spirit Race to launch the British GP at the Pole

Fans of British racing were disappointed on Saturday when Red Bull racing driver Max Verstappen snatched a pole from Lewis Hamilton at Friday’s meeting. The Dutch won a new test spirit race, and they will start the Central British Grand Prix at the Pole on Sunday.

Hamilton has given Mercedes fans hope that the team will be reunited this weekend after snatching the pole position from the champions leader on Friday. However, at the start of the 17-lap sprint race on Saturday, Verstappen jumped on them. The Red Bull driver went clear from the starting grid and Hamilton tried to regain position in the first few corners. However, the Red Bull had the power to keep Mercedes firmly in second place.

Versatapen guided the rest of the sprint race with ease, and even in the final stages, his tires began to spill easily as he choked. Versatile managed to extend their championship lead to 33 points after scoring 3 points for victory. Hamilton scored two points while his teammate, Voltaire Bottas, took the final point home from the sprint.

Ferrari driver Charles Lakelark is in fourth position, but his teammate Carlos Sanz will have to start from the 10th after George Russell’s first lap. The Williams driver added another piece of frustration to British fans, after which he was fined three grids for what happened to Sanz. He finished the sprint race in the ninth, but will start the main race at 12.

Two McLaren cars by Lindo Norris and Daniel Ricardo took fifth and sixth place on the grid, and Ricardo was finally relieved to run at the same speed as his teammate.

In addition to Worstapen, the biggest winner of Spirit Qualifying is Alpine driver Fernando Alonso. The former double world champion got off to a great start by placing his car at number eleven and at number five. However, he lacks running speed and will start the Grand Prix from seventh after giving McLarens two places.

The biggest losers, on the other hand, are Sergio Perez of the Red Bull, who had to retire from his car in the last lap after a rapid spin in his lap, which sent him into the grass. He lost just an inch of obstacles, but if the car was significantly damaged, the team would notice.

The Red Bulls wanted to put their second car on the grid to support Versatapen, but Chico has already worked miracles from behind, and he will provide the team with an alternative strategy. However, based on the speed of Saturday’s race, it looks like Verstapen will be able to stop the competition. Tire management can be a problem, but both Worstapen and Hamilton cars had large blisters at the end of the spirits. It remains to be seen which team will choose the right tire strategy.

Max Versatapen
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