September 28, 2021

Mason Mount warned that “we are not afraid of anything” because the stars of England send a strong message after the horrific abuse of Hungary.

Mason Mount says England players are not afraid of anything because FIFA has launched disciplinary action against racism in Hungary.

Football’s world governing body acted after hearing monkeys shout during a 4-0 victory in Budapest, while three lion players’ cups, coins and flares erupted.

Rahim Sterling, pictured with Mason Mount, was one of the racists in Hungary.


Rahim Sterling, pictured with Mason Mount, was one of the racists in Hungary.Credit: Getty
Mason Mount insisted that Gareth Southgate's England team was not intimidated.


Mason Mount insisted that Gareth Southgate’s England team was not intimidated.Credit: Getty

FIFA on Thursday reviewed reports from on-duty match officials and delegates at the Pescas Arena.

And Chelsea midfielder Mount said: “I don’t think we’ve ever been scared of anything. We’ve had it in the past and it’s a shame how it keeps happening.

“Results are needed. The FA will talk to FIFA about this and hopefully it will keep coming back to them and they have lifted the ban.”

“He needs to be stopped and we need to get him out of football.

When the whole stadium is against us, we grow. As players we talked about it and knew it would be a hostile environment.

“We enjoy the opportunities and want to show what we can do on the ball and silence the stadium on how we are playing.

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“We had a killer frenzy in front of the goal with the first and then collided with the next three. It ended the game and then gave them no hope.

“As soon as we scored and what happened in the corner flag, you can tell in the air that something is about to be thrown or something is going to happen and fortunately no one was hurt or anything happened.”

Rahim Sterling, 26, and Jude Bellingham, 18, were targeted by racist fans behind the goal.

Manchester City star Sterling tweeted a photo of himself celebrating: “Headstrong.”

And Borussia Dortmund midfielder Akis Bellingham also tweeted: “Thank you for all the support messages from last night.

“Part of the game and always will be until appropriate punishments are given by those in power. We can’t let hatred win, keep smiling!”

In a statement, FIFA said: “After analyzing the match reports, we have initiated disciplinary action.

Once again, FIFA wants to make clear that our position is strong and determined to reject racism and violence, as well as any form of discrimination or abuse. We have a clear zero tolerance stance against such abominable attitudes in football.

Defender Harry McGuire said on social media with the message: “I have spoken to my colleagues and seen some footage. Any discrimination is completely unacceptable and the authorities should review it.

Racism has no place in our sport or society.

Mason Mount helped the Three Lions win 4-0 against Hungary on Thursday.


Mason Mount helped the Three Lions win 4-0 against Hungary on Thursday.Credit: Getty

The Hungarian FA said: “The majority of the 60,000 spectators cheered fairly for their team and cheered on the Hungarian national team even when they were losing.

“We need to identify the perpetrators and punish them severely to protect the spectators. The spectators who erupted and threw glass on the pitch are being identified.

“The federation will launch a civil lawsuit to hold the perpetrators responsible for paying any fines, and they can expect a two-year ban at the end of the process.”

Hungary has been banned from playing three matches by UEFA following racism and homosexuality by fans during Euro 2020.

FIFA added: “Regarding UEFA’s previous ban against Hungary, please note that, as stated by UEFA at the time, this ban will be offered in UEFA competitions.”

The English FA has decided that UEFA will ban crowd harassment before the Euro 2020 final with Italy.

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Declan Rice drinks from a cup thrown on the pitch by Hungarian fans as shots are fired at England’s stars as they celebrate the Sterling goal.

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