October 17, 2021

Martin Lewis warned millions of people that they would lose 400.

Of Money saver The founder was taken to social media to warn his 1.2 million Twitter followers that AA has predicted a 30% increase in energy bills.

Research agency Cornwall Insight predicts that further gas fluctuations and the possible elimination of even more suppliers could push the energy price cap to about ڈالر 1,660 in the summer.

Martin Lewis warning over 400 damages

Martin Lewis tweeted: “The current 1 October – 1 April energy price range is 27 1,277 / yr (on normal use.) The next cap assessment period starting April 1 is August – January.

“I just asked orncornwallinsight and it predicts that the cap on the current run rate will increase to ، 1,660. Many people will be disappointed.”

In response to the concern, the cash-saving group went live on social media for the first time to answer questions from relevant users.

That forecast is about 30 percent higher than the 27 1,277 price cap set for the winter of 2021-22, which began in early October.

Craig Lowry, the firm’s senior consultant, said: “With wholesale gas and electricity prices hitting new records, one supplier after another emerges in September 2021 and a new level for the default tariff cap (a typical double fuel direct debit customer). For 27,277) for the winter 2021-22, the GB energy market is on edge for fresh fluctuations and further stability.

Affidavit on rising energy bills.

The Energy Regulatory Authority reviews the price cap once every six months, and changes it based on the price that suppliers have to pay for their energy, policy costs and other things, including operating costs.

In a statement to the BBC, Afjim acknowledged that this was a “disturbing time for many”.

The regulator added: “The energy price range covers about 15 million households and will ensure that consumers do not overpay this winter.

However, if global gas prices remain unchanged, the level will unfortunately rise when we update the price range.

“Any customer who is worried about paying their energy bill should contact their supplier to access the available support.”

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