October 18, 2021

Married at the end of First Marriage UK: E4 explains why it aired the wrong event.

E4 Has apologized for replaying Wednesday night’s episode. First look married in the UK. Instead of the highly anticipated final on Thursday.

The error was part of an ongoing tech issue. Channel 4 After a fire alarm at the broadcast center, which affected programming on Saturday.

E4 issued a statement apologizing to viewers for a mistake and said it would update the show’s fans when the finale ends as soon as possible.

At first glance, marriage is a popular dating show where couples are scientifically matched and get married on their first date. Viewers then follow their journey over the next few weeks where competitors decide whether or not to continue their relationship.

Fans are now left wondering if Amy and Josh will live together, as well as Taia and Adam and Morg and Luke.

E4 apologizes to married British viewers at first sight.

In a statement on Twitter, the channel said: “We know this is tomorrow’s episode of #MAFSUK which is playing tonight and I’m sorry. As we know more and when you can watch the last episode of MAFS UK Will. ”

He added: “To confirm, # مافسک۔ And afters will not be played tonight. We’re sorry again – we’re working to make it available on all 4s and E4s as soon as possible and we’ll update as soon as we know.

Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Channel 5 were affected.

Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Channel 5 were all affected by fire alarms such as the Paramount Network and e. Music.

Red B Media on Saturday accused its broadcaster of “activating the fire-fighting system”.

A Channel 4 spokesman confirmed that the ongoing technical problems were the result of a firefighting system.

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