September 21, 2021

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MAFS STAR MORAG made a significant drop in his relationship with Lok

The 31-year-old veterinary nurse shared a black and white photo on her Instagram last night to celebrate her first film in the E4 series.

In the shot, the E4 reality star can be seen smiling in a striped midi dress with high thighs and cut a three-tiered wedding cake with a ‘married first look’ sign in gold.

Standing barefoot at a booth, Morag revealed that he had organized a party for his close ones and loved ones who were not able to attend his wedding in the E4 series.

As the photo captioned, he wrote: “Last night was a great night to celebrate with friends and family.

“Weddings were really short and not all of our loved ones could live there. So last night definitely got ready for it. “

The post spoke to fans in the comments section and many wondered if she was still married to Welsh fireman Luke.

“Does that mean you’re still together?” One of the fans asked directly, while playing Koya, Morag replied with a closed lip emoji.

The reality TV star was revealing a secret and insisted on “swearing secrecy”.

It’s not all as Morag responded to another audience comment that read, “I hope you’re still together, he’s so cute and you need to look beyond your command, or You will never find one!

Surprisingly, Morg replied: “He is an absolute angel. And you are not wrong. Every day I am learning and growing. XX”.

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