September 20, 2021

Marcos Alonso’s resurgence and Chelsea’s strength in depth is a big problem for Thomas Tachel

Thomas Tochel recently said that he is very happy with his current Chelsea team.

You can fully understand why without adding more signatures before confirming Saul Negus.

Marcos Alonso has enjoyed a resurrection under Tachel's management.


Marcos Alonso has enjoyed a resurrection under Tachel’s management.Credit: Mark Payne / Premium Sports Images.
Tachel's current squad has a wealth of talent, including blues stop Edward Mandy.


Tachel’s current squad has a wealth of talent, including blues stop Edward Mandy.Credit: Rex

Just look at his bench against Arsenal and again against Liverpool last weekend.

It featured world-class Thiago Silva, the likes of Hakeem Zech, Timo Werner, Colm Hudson Odoi, and Ben Chellwell.

It’s a hell of a 5-a-side team even if you have to put Silva in the goal!

That gives Tachel something we like to call the ‘great problem’ of the season.

The reason it is ‘great’ is obvious. It gives Chelsea incredible strength in the depths.

The type of title-winning power, the type of quality squad that will see you throughout the season, will give you the rotation you need to get through a very busy schedule.

The important thing is that there are game changers on the bench who can come and solve a problem or help win a match.

These are the title-winning players on the bench, and what a position for Chelsea.

The ‘problem’ part is to keep everyone happy during the season.

Of course, this is really easy to do when you are winning and you have a lot of games to play.

But if Chelsea start hitting a complex piece of form and one out of two matches, the game dries up a bit and the morale of the team goes down, which is why when these problems can creep in and the camp Can begin to affect the environment. .

Tachel has been the best at managing it so far, and I have no doubt in his main management skills.

However, I would expect some players to be unhappy because the season is running out and their playing time is short. But as I say, this is a big problem.

Several players, including defender Antonio Rodrguez, have improved their form under Tachel.


Several players, including defender Antonio Rodrguez, have improved their form under Tachel.Credit: Getty

Thiago Silva is probably still on the bench as he spent a busy summer with Brazil in the Copa America, but one could argue that this is due to the great form of Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rodrguez.

If it continues, can we see world-class Silva on the bench this season?

There is every chance that could happen, but Silva will play a lot of games. I have no worries about that.

He is also the type of professional who will be equal to him throughout the season.


Ben Chelwell has also sat out the first three games, and although this is something that could upset him if he continues to live as a second choice, you also expect him to remain professional. ۔

But this is not a trivial matter for Chelsea, he has not only played because of the form of Marcos Alonso, who has made some changes in the last few games at Chelsea and since then Tachel has really arrived.

He grows up as a wingback and he is really proving his worth for this team in this position.

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