September 21, 2021

Manchester United could sign another but have one catch.

Manchester United plan to complete another important signing before the summer transfer window closes later this month, but there is a catch. The Red Devils will have to offload the players first before they go on the market and sign a third.

The 20-time English champions signed two statements from this statement, acquiring Judon Sanchez from Borussia Dortmund on ون 73 million plus addons, and hael Rafael Varane from Real Madrid in a 34 million contract.. Oli Gunnar Solskjیرr admitted that the third big signing would be a bonus, but United are still looking for players in other positions.

United have teamed up with Karen Trapier, the Norwegian manager, to strengthen the right side of their backline and bring more competition for Aaron Van Basaka. The Premier League giants have also been linked with midfielders such as Eduardo Camawenga, Yves Besoma, Robin Neves and Saul Neguis.

However, the Manchester club need to sell the players before they can consolidate both positions. Diego Dalot remains a left-right option for Solskir, and if he lives in Old Trafford, he is unlikely to go to Trapper this summer.

Similarly, in midfield, the Norwegian boss has a lot of options and a significant increase can only happen if the players leave this month. Paul Pogba’s future with Paris Saint-Germain is uncertain. Interesting, but there are also Fred, Donnie van de Beck, Jesse Langard and Nemanja Matic, who can help Bruno Fernandes at the center of the pitch.

According to Manchester Evening News’ United expert Samuel Lucharst., The club is likely to increase but only if they can sell some players. The market is frozen to go out, the Red Devils have so far failed to remove a single player.

“I really think Solskir is real when he says it would be a bonus to get another signature. Signed two brands, which means you’re always lucky to get another important signature, “said Lock Horst.

“My encouragement is that they will still sign another important sign. Don’t ask me if it’s in midfield, in fullback, or even in centerback. They go for just about anyone.”

Ole Gunar Solskjir.
Ole Gunnar Solskjیرr’s goal is to win his first trophy as Manchester United manager against Villarreal in the Europa League final.
Alexandra Szmigel / Pool.

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