September 18, 2021

Manchester City were forced to cancel the charity match due to the situation of Barcelona Cove-19

The novel Corona virus epidemic has claimed another sports death. FC Barcelona and Manchester City were scheduled to play a charity friendly against each other this summer, but it has now been postponed for at least a year.

A blockbuster match between the Premier League champions and the La Liga giants was expected to help raise funds for an organization that supports another medical condition, ALS.

However, the event will have to be canceled for now, and will not be on schedule before the 2021/22 season opener. According to BrandThe program was conceived after former Barcelona assistant coach Juan Carlos Enzo was diagnosed with the disease.

Barcelona was planning to welcome a talented crowd to Camp Nou to raise as much money as they could for this purpose. However, despite widespread vaccination efforts across the subcontinent, the novel corona virus epidemic is still raging.

Summer vacations and leisure restrictions have led to an increase in infections around the world. Fresh bans, including lockdowns and masks, are being re-imposed in many countries, and large-scale gatherings are being criticized.

Anozu himself decided to postpone the match due to the dangers posed to Kwade-19. “It’s a very difficult decision for me, but we have decided to postpone the match,” he told TV3. “The sole purpose of the match was to raise as much money as possible for ALS Research, so I I think this is the best decision. This is a unique event that we cannot repeat, so we want to wait for it to happen. Big money

In fact, forcing the issue by playing matches with a limited audience would undermine the purpose of raising money for the charity. In addition, large-scale gatherings will put thousands of people at risk of contracting the virus and becoming ill.

Nevertheless, Enzio is confident that the event will be extended to a later date. He said he had received assurances from the likes of Barcelona’s Rafa East and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola that the postponement did not mean the incident had been permanently secured.

“This match will be played when we have a second time on the calendar that is between the two teams. If that doesn’t happen during this season, then we plan to hold it at the beginning of next season.” , In about a year, “he added.

Pep Guardiola
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola Poole / Peter Paul

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