September 17, 2021

Man was beheaded for non-payment of debt, search for decomposed body 4 days later

The rotten, decomposed body of a 52-year-old Indian man was lost in a farm four days later when he was reported missing. Police said the man was allegedly abducted and beheaded when he failed to repay a loan he had taken from an accused.

Police have arrested 35-year-old Riaz Khan and 30-year-old Javed from the Indian capital, Delhi, on charges of kidnapping and killing 52-year-old Shehzad. A third suspect, identified as Nadeem, is still at large, police said Hindustan Times.

Police believe Khan helped kidnap his friend Javed and his nephew Nadeem after they failed to repay a loan taken from Shehzad. Shehzad was taken to Baghpat, a town in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, about 30 miles from Delhi, where his decapitated body was found on July 16.

Shehzad, who worked as a house painter, left home on July 12. When his family failed to contact him, he lodged a missing person’s complaint with the police station on July 13.

The deputy commissioner of police said, “During the interrogation of family members and locals, the names of some people were prepared. We also checked the phone call records of the victim and identified one of the accused.” The deputy commissioner of police said.

Khan told police that on three occasions he had increased Shahzad’s debt to 330 on the condition that he repay it with interest as a fixed amount each day. During the police interrogation, Khan confessed to killing Shahzad for failing to pay the honorarium. He also revealed the role of the other two accused.

Shehzad stopped paying his daily dues after 12 days. When Khan demanded his money back, Shehzad fought with him. To avenge his insult, Khan gave Shehzad Nadeem and Javed. He was abducted with help and taken to Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, “the police official added.

Investigators found out that Khan had been planning the assassination since July 7. On July 12, Khan lured Shahzad to come to Bagh Bagh under the pretext of working in greed and buying mangoes. Khan also picked up two other suspects on the way. The three allegedly offered Shahzad alcohol and attacked him with a sharp weapon after taking him to a field in Baghpat. Police said they then beheaded the victim, dumped his body in a field and dumped his severed head in a canal.

Police are reportedly trying to arrest the third suspect, Nadeem, and recover the victim’s missing body parts, including his head.

Police line
Representation A police line. Photo: Pixby

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