September 19, 2021

Man Utd are ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal, the highest spenders in Europe after the Cavs because Prem is in the top 10 list.

Premier League clubs have blown their European counterparts out of post-Covedic spending.

A new CIES Football Observatory Study. It details how England’s big boys have spent on new players in La Liga, Serie A, League 1 and the Bundesliga.

Jack Grealish became the first 100 million player in the Premier League when he joined Main City.


Jack Grealish became the first 100 million player in the Premier League when he joined Main City.Credit: Getty
Cristiano Ronaldo was one of Man Utd's summer visitors during the transfer window.


Cristiano Ronaldo was one of Man Utd’s summer visitors during the transfer window.Credit:

The corona virus is suspending their income despite the epidemic.

In total, the three epidemics have cost only 6 1.6 billion in Windows, with Serie A (25 5,255 million) the closest followers.

Manchester United, which secured the return of legend Cristiano Ronaldo this week, topped the spending chart with a net worth of 7 187 million during the period.

France’s Ligue 1 (9,109 million) and Germany’s Bundesliga (6. 8,88 million) both spent just a little more than the competition – Spain’s La Liga made an incredible net profit of £ 171 million.

The dominance of the Premier League is largely at the expense of Ole Gunnar Solskjir United.

The Red Devils boast the largest net worth of 7 187 million, distributing cash this summer to bring in the likes of Jadon Sanchez, Rafael Varane and Ronaldo.

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Chelsea, meanwhile, are the biggest spenders in the three windows since the onset of the corona virus epidemic.

The Blues made a series of additions to big names like Romulo Lukaku, Kai Hawartz and Timo Werner, but transfer chief Marina Granovskaya balanced the books by offloading players such as Timmy Ibrahim, Kurt Zuma and Fakayu Tomori.

It ranks the Blues second only to United in net spending, with a total net worth of 17 6,176 million.

Not surprisingly, after spending 100 100 million on Jack Graylash last month, Manchester City is Europe’s second-largest spender on epidemics, but the costs make him the sixth-largest net spender in Europe at .8 140.8 million. Make

In total, there are seven English clubs in the top 10 across Europe for net spending during the 19 epidemics.

Arsenal (16 6,166.6 million), Leeds (£ 160.6 million), Spurs (£ 152 million) and Austin Villa (91 91.9 million) are all in Chelsea, City and United.

Elsewhere in Europe, Juventus is the largest non-English net spender.

CIES has analyzed their deals and highlighted that Juve’s transfer costs are mainly spread over a period of time and this is due to their net expenses of 9119.3m.

Check out the full top 10 below:

Europe's top ten.


Europe’s top ten.Credit: Sun.

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The Premier League completed deals on the last day of the transfer deadline.

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