October 18, 2021

Man ‘takes law into his own hands’ and beats ‘bully’ neighbor who was torturing OAP, 85, and disabled son

A DAD took the law into its own hands by beating up its “bully” neighbor and killing his disabled son.

Civilian Christopher Newcomb retaliated by repeatedly punching the man in his own home.

Dorset Avenue in Wigston, Leicestershire, where Christopher Newcomb fled on his prey.


Dorset Avenue in Wigston, Leicestershire, where Christopher Newcomb fled on his prey.Credit: Google Maps

Leicester Crown Court heard that Newcomb visited its victim’s home in Wigston, Leicestershire, on the afternoon of September 27 last year.

He decided to “take the law into his own hands” after hearing that the man had been abusing an 85-year-old woman and her son in their 50s, as well as lobbying things in their garden. Was Leicestershire Live. Reports

The court was told that the father of the three reached the front door of his victim on Fairfield Estate and immediately pushed him to the floor.

Prosecutor Priya Bakhshi said: “New Comb punched the complainant in the face about six times.

“The victim’s wife was screaming when the defendant stepped forward to kick her husband and bring him to his knees.”

Newcomb, 33, threatened the man, saying “I will kill you if he does not leave the old woman alone.”

The man ran after the defendant on his motorcycle and entered nearby Dorset Avenue.

Newcomb then drove his van on the wrong side of the road, got on the sidewalk and collided with the victim, deliberately knocking him off his pushbike.

The van also hit the front garden wall and a car on the driveway, causing پون 2,000 damage.

Miss Bakhshi said: “Defendant came out and grabbed the victim, pushed her with a car and hit her on the head.”

Newcomb fled the scene in his van, but police tracked him down with his number plate, thanks to an eagle-eyed witness.

In a personal impact statement, the victim said he was “injured and injured” after the attack and suffered injuries, a chest injury and blood vessels in his left eye.

He also claimed that he had struggled psychologically, later being diagnosed with Traumatic Stress Disorder – forcing him to move elsewhere “for his own well-being”.

“Every time I see a white van, I get nervous,” he added.

Whenever I see a white van, I get nervous.

Newcomb, of Elliston, Leicester, admitted to dangerous driving and sustained bodily harm.

Gary Short said the victim had been involved in social behavior against OAP and her disabled son, including verbal abuse, bullying and throwing objects in her garden.

The court heard that the woman reported the behavior to the council and police in April 2020 and officers were monitoring the situation.

Newcomb came to join without knowing either side, as his uncle, who lives on the same street, said he had seen “bullying.”

The uncle added that the woman was afraid to go out because of the man’s behavior – although the complainant denied any wrongdoing.

‘no excuse’

Convicting plumber and gas engineer Newcomb, the judge told him: “You heard a real complaint from this elderly woman and her son, but this is not an excuse for what you did.

“No one takes the law into their own hands and it does not justify your behavior in any way. I am satisfied that you have been truly repenting.”

Newcomb was sentenced to 21 months in prison, suspended for two years, and banned from driving for one year.

Judge Robert Brown ordered them to pay حملہ 1,000 to the attacker, and to 2,075 family members whose wall and vehicle were damaged during the attack.

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