October 18, 2021

Man crushed by 2 trains after falling from platform gap: report

Authorities announced Tuesday that an A59-year-old British man was crushed to death by two trains a year ago when he fell from a space between a London subway station platform and a train carriage.

This person is identified by Jam Muhammad Warsam. Free On the way home, he alighted from the Bakerlow Line carriage at London Underground’s Waterloo station and fell into a “big gap” between the station platform and the train at 10:10 a.m. on May 26, 2020. The Investigation Branch (RAIB) said in a report.

“There was a huge gap between the train and the platform because of the curvature of the track at the crash site,” Watchdog investigators said.

According to the report, Warsam was unable to free himself, as a result of which he was crushed as soon as the train left. He was allegedly “motionless on the track” when he was struck by another train entering the station.

Investigators said the incident took place when there were no staff or people close to Warsaw to help.

The “stay at home” order was issued that day due to 19 epidemics, The Independent reported, citing figures from the Department of Transportation.

A passenger arriving at the platform reportedly told the train driver that smoke was billowing from under the vehicle and emergency services were called, but Warsom was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy revealed that Warsom’s 100 ml blood alcohol content was 360 mg, four times the legal driving limit. My london Said.

Train operators were unable to see Warsaw because “only his head and arm were above platform level, making it difficult to locate the passenger.” [dispatch] Monitor, “RAIB said. In addition, the following train operators were” focusing on the platform and the stopping point of the train, “according to the agency.

The RAIB’s investigation found that London was unable to assess all the dangers at stations with distances between underground trains and platforms. The metro operator was also unable to identify all the factors, such as bending platforms or provide a detailed overview of them, which increased the risk of accidents at some stations.

The London Underground was reportedly recommended to better identify location-related hazards, so accidents could be reduced, modeling used to calculate hazards could be improved. So that the data is more likely to be considered, and take action on learning from previous investigations about the deadly and the other. – Fatal accidents

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London Underground Station.
Photo: AFP / Tolga Akmen

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