September 22, 2021

Man beheads neighbor for practicing witchcraft, beheads him around town

A 35-year-old man was jailed in India on Monday on charges of beheading his elderly neighbor and beheading him, officials said.

The accused was arrested after videos and photos of the horrific incident that took place in Geriabad, a town in the central state of Chhattisgarh. Times of India Reported

Police said that the accused, Madhu Gond, used to quarrel with his 65-year-old neighbor Karan Singh because the accused believed that he was practicing witchcraft.

Gond alleged that the Sangh was deliberately destroying cattle and crops on its farm. According to media outlets, he told police that the Sangh would allow them to put pigs in their fields. Police said that because Gond considered the riders “untouchables”, he had to clear his entire farm, which led to further disputes between them.

The accused also claimed that the Sangh had used the witch to harm the health of his family, which had made them all sick.

Infuriated by all these incidents, Gond Singh went to his house and killed him with an ax on Monday night. He then took the man’s severed head in his hand and carried out a terrorist attack on the streets. Gond walked around the city for about 12 miles, showing people what he claimed to be a “brave act.” News18 Reported

Some villagers took videos and photos of Gond and shared them on social media. Police have registered a case against him for murder, and he was produced in court on Tuesday. Police said they were investigating the matter further.

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