September 22, 2021

Maduro’s envoy opposes Venezuela’s resumption of talks in Mexico


Negotiators from both sides of Venezuela’s political divide will return to Mexico this week to begin a second round of talks aimed at easing the long-running crisis in a once prosperous country that has forced millions to flee. Is.

Representatives of the troubled socialist president. Nicolas Maduro His government will face opposition on Friday afternoon after the first round of talks in the Mexican capital.

Although no agreement from the talks has been made public yet, two sources with knowledge of the session presented a couple of recent developments as products of dialogue: the release of opposition leader Freddie Guevara and regional elections. Opposition’s announced participation for November.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the 2018 presidential election, in which Maduro won a one-sided election, as well as a parliamentary election last year.

President of George Rodriguez. VenezuelaThe head of the negotiating team of the Congress and Maduro announced the resumption of talks in remarks on Tuesday.

In contrast to the failed talks in previous years, the talks hosted by Mexico now have the official backing of the Netherlands, Russia, Bolivia and Turkey, as well as Norway, which participated in the first round of August.

Venezuelan opposition ends boycott ahead of local elections

Maduro’s government has called for the lifting of economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the United States and Europe, including the state-owned oil company PDVSA, accusing it of accelerating the country’s historic economic downturn.

Maduro first said, “Venezuela will present in Mexico … a strong request with all the requirements for the recovery of the country’s economy and the return of the gold held hostage in the Bank of England, and that all sanctions against the PDVSA have been lifted.” Go. ” This week.

Maduro has been particularly keen on recovering 31 tonnes of Venezuelan gold bars from the UK since London recognized the opposition leader. Juan Guido As interim president after the 2018 elections.

Officials in the US presidency. Joe BidenThe UN administration has been open to reviewing sanctions imposed on Venezuela, inherited from the previous administration, but has made such measures conditional on “significant progress” in the Mexican negotiations.

Venezuela’s opposition, meanwhile, is demanding additional humanitarian aid for the country’s poor, more COVID-19 vaccines, the release of dozens of prisoners they call political prisoners, and guarantees for next November’s elections.

Venezuela’s economic catastrophe has been felt far beyond its borders as frustrated individuals and entire families seek better prospects in other countries, with the Washington-based Organization of American States estimating up to 700,000 next year. Will arrive



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