September 22, 2021

‘Made in Gwen’: River City star Ian Robertson launches new show in Glasgow.

River City star Ian Robertson has launched a new exhibition in Glasgow.

The Glasgow actor unveiled a new ‘One in One’ exhibition at Wh • eat Cafe in Gwen.

It was created by six local artists and will be moved to the new exhibition area of ​​Queen Elizabeth University Hospital later this year.

Glasgow Times: ts Beal, Iain Robertson, Liz Gardner and Audrey Obrien at Mary Barbour [Image: Elaine Livingstone]ts Beal, Iain Robertson, Liz Gardner and Audrey Obrien at Mary Barbour. [Image: Elaine Livingstone]

He explained: “As part of international cooperation. Platform TU (Ukraine) and partnership with. InterCalt. (Sweden) and other post-industrial communities across Europe, recognizing the hard work and burden on women, are part of the critical care in response to CWED19.

The exhibition, created by six local artists Audrey O’Brien, Donna Rutherford, Deirdre Nelson, Arsula Kam Lingcheng, TS Bell, Alex Wilde and Eli Rutherford, is part of the “One in Gone” project. Elizabeth University Hospital’s new exhibition area focuses on giving voice, notice and credit to the role of women as principal and professional carers during the current crisis.

Summing up her involvement, she added: “I come from a family of powerful Goan women who are activists and I would love to see an exhibition that showcases all the hard work done during epidemics and in our communities in the past. Admits

“It’s great to see the Wye Eating Caf reopen as a center of local culture. I’m proud to be a gay boy and proud to celebrate my wedding.”

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Glasgow Times: ts Beal and Iain Robertson. [Image: Elaine Livingstone] ts Beal and Iain Robertson [Image: Elaine Livingstone]

Liz Gardner from Fablevision, a community cultural development company, explained that Woven in Govan is part of the larger international exhibition platform Woven Network – a partnership of the Scottish Project.

He said: “Every artist has delivered on his own. Style To capture the essence of women’s participation in the whole epidemic of storytelling.

“Performance artist Donna Rutherford has created a series of oral interviews with female volunteers called ‘Natural Born Cares’ to step up to change the services withdrawn during epidemics and share their individual experiences.”

Arsula Kam Lingcheng presented references and key themes on the burden of caring for women through a series of engagement sessions with local women on beautifully designed graphics on milk cartons, booklets and posters through the installation. Are

Audrey O’Brien has produced a series of ‘Breathing Planet Walks’ to highlight the fact that nature and coming out during epidemics was a blessing in disguise and sheds light on this. How we are connected to nature and how humans, animals, plants and ecosystems are interconnected

“Daddy Nelson has come up with the word soap for hand wash choreographers and home caregivers.

“Alex Wilde and Eli Rutherford’s series of napkins, which set out a feminist manifesto for the needs and requirements of women to survive.

“TS Bell, a local Gov. artist, wore a Mary Barbour statue outside the Gov. Underground station in a nursing uniform and highlighted the importance of PPE as an important caregiver for women during the current Cove 19 crisis.”

“I History Of Gwen and Glasgow, Barbour emerged from gossip with an invincible spirit, a combination of humanity and intelligence, yet more recently, she was an almost lost figure in history.

The exhibition is funded by Creative Scotland, In partnership with the Nordic Cultural Fund (via InterCult).

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