September 20, 2021

Macy’s took Paris by storm with a motorcade, waving to fans from the hotel’s balcony.

Paris Saint-Germain formally welcomed Lionel Messi and his family on Tuesday, and the club documented every minute of their journey. Fans managed to get a glimpse of their first day in their new hometown as well as a trip from Barcelona to the French capital.

Messi wasted no time in saying goodbye to Barcelona on Sunday. By Tuesday, he had gone to Paris where he received medical treatment, then signed a two-year deal with League 1 in the presence of manager Mauricio Pochettino and club president Nasser al-Khalifa.

Within hours, he donated a PSG kit and was formally presented at the Park des Princes between empty stands. However, everything was captured and shared on video. social media. However, fans caught a glimpse of the “new diamond” at the club via a motorcade in the city. Later, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner all smiled as he waved to fans from the balcony of his hotel room.

The streets were full of spectators eager to greet him in Paris, and to show support for a new chapter in his already legendary career.

“I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career in Paris,” he said. “The club and its vision is a perfect match for my ambitions. I am determined to make something great for the club and the fans. I can’t wait to step on the Park des Princes pitch.”

Argentina have agreed a two-year deal that will return 70 million euros to PSG. They then have the option to extend it for another 12 months.

There was a warm welcome in Paris, PSG players were also present to welcome their new teammate. Macy, his wife Antonella and their three children were seen rejoicing in Paris. As a farewell to Camp Nine, it was a complete 180 degree change from the serious mood of just two days earlier.

Antonella will be looking for a home in the coming days, while Messi is working hard to adjust to his new club. Contrary to previous reports, Neymar Jr. will not drop the number 10 jersey, Messi instead of number 30

Lionel Messi
Images N ° 9KX6BG Lionel Messi waving to fans from his hotel balcony on his first night in Paris. AFPTV / Loryware.

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