September 23, 2021

Macron vowed to harass smugglers to save Marcel from drug crimes.


French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday vowed that his government would help Marcel tackle the growing problem of drug crime, financing millions and announcing a new policy to make the city’s poorest and most vulnerable. It will target drug traffickers in vulnerable areas.

During a visit to the Mediterranean port and France’s second largest city, Macron. He called the drug network a “city parasite” and said smugglers would now be “harassed” on the streets with more police and better technology.

Parts of Marseilles They are notorious for their devastating streets and deserted housing estates, but the city is also known for its charming charm and intense pride.

But its northern districts are among some of France’s most deprived urban areas and serve as the city’s drug trade center.

Macron said 500 additional surveillance cameras would be placed in high-risk neighborhoods, 200 additional police would be deployed next year and the temporary deployment of two anti-riot police forces would be extended indefinitely.

He also said that more than 8 million cars would be installed in police cars and other equipment. The city police will also get a new headquarters.

“It is a right to live in peace, including for women, men and families living in these neighborhoods,” he said.

Lack of public infrastructure is another serious problem. Marseille has a population of about 900,000, spread over a city twice the size of Paris. But – unlike the extensive metro network serving the capital – it has only two underground rail lines.

And yet funding has been a constant challenge. The city council currently has 4 1.54 billion. Loan With a budget of € 1.56 billion.

Looking forward to next year’s elections.

Macron acknowledged that Marseille has faced many challenges, from climate change and migration to poverty.

He said it was now the “duty of the nation” to help, and that improving conditions in the city would be “good for the whole country”. Macron promised to renovate 10,000 homes over the next 15 years.

The level of crime in Marseille is lower than in the 1980s, especially during violent attacks, but the rise in deadly shootings has added the city’s long-standing social problems to the agenda for next April’s presidential election.

Macron’s main rival, far-right leader Marine Le Pen, is expected to campaign on the law and order platform.

Two people were killed in a driving shooting in northern Marseille last weekend, while a week earlier, a 14-year-old man was shot dead near one of several drug dealerships. During the same period, another man was forcibly thrown into a car and set on fire.

Police say 12 people have been killed in the past two months in a war on drugs.

Macron promised renovations to women’s shelters, schools and hospitals, as well as more government funding for youth training schemes and local film and TV productions.

Macron’s visit is widely seen ahead of next spring’s presidential election, the first of which is scheduled for April. This is not just a presidential visit: eight members of Macron’s cabinet – including the interior, environment and education ministers – accompanied him on his longest official visit. French Ever since he entered Elysee Palace in 2017.

Macron’s goal is ambitious accordingly: to tackle some of the deepest problems that have long plagued Marseille and made it a real “Mediterranean capital.”

(France 24 with AFP)


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