September 20, 2021

Macron to unveil Marcel’s massive renovation project in the wake of a wave of crime

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French President Emmanuel Macron will unveil an ambitious plan to tackle drug crime and gang violence during a major visit to the southern port of Marseille on Wednesday. Poverty level.

The idea is to renovate Marseille – a project that could potentially cost billions – to reopen the expected failed public services, fix the city’s dilapidated public housing, schools with much-awaited announcements. And anticipated announcements to improve transportation, renew citizens, and combat large-scale insecurity.

Presidential aides said it would happen before and after. Paris“Extraordinary problems require extraordinary measures,” he added.

Macron’s three-day trip – the longest in a single city since taking power in 2017 – has seen a surge in drug-related violence in Marseille that has killed four people, including a 14-year-old, over the past week. What is killed

Crime ‘explosion’

On Monday, Chief Prosecutor Dominic Lawrence told reporters that there had been an “explosion” of gang-related deaths since mid-June, with a total of 12 deaths.

The center of Marcel’s drug problem is its less socio-economic northern suburbs – far from the tourist-friendly seashore – where about 40,000 homes are considered dangerous or unsafe.

Fighting violent crime here has been described by Interior Minister Gerald Darman as the “mother of all battles” during a recent visit.

Paris is sending 300 police reinforcements to the area, but Marcel’s socialist mayor, Benoit Pian, says 800 additional police officers are needed, along with other teams of experts.

Addressing the traditional animosity between the French capital and its southern neighbor, Elysee Palace has made it clear that Macron – who will be accompanied by eight members of the government, including several ministers – will go south to “manage Marseille”. Were not going to

Regarding the presidential visit, Pian told AFP: “It is the role of the state to come and not hand out, help or save Marseille, but so that we can work together.”

Educational institutions

The Marseille-like rebirth center is expected to receive hundreds of millions of euros to renovate more than 200 schools, some of which have reported rats and roof collapses.

“I’m ashamed to look at Marseille schools,” Pian said. Told BFMTV. Tuesday

The president will address the issue directly when he visits a school in the far north.

Payne said Macron’s visit to Marseille, eight months after the presidential election, was a sign that he “understood the magnitude of the challenge.” Paris.

Macron has often spoken affectionately of Marseille, calling her “an extraordinarily lovely city” in a recent interview with Zadig magazine.

He said the coming decade would change Marseille and make it the Mediterranean capital.


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