October 17, 2021

Macron called Mali’s claim to leave France shameful


President Emmanuel Macron has expressed outrage at recent claims by Mali’s interim prime minister that France dropped its barrage on the coast. Macron told the RFI that the allegations were “shameful.”

Following the French Foreign Ministry and the Armed Forces, President Macron condemned the remarks of Malian Prime Minister Choguel Maiga. At the United Nations last weekend, And he made no attempt at diplomacy.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Africa 2020 season at Alice Palace, Macron called RFI Maiga’s comments “unacceptable” and questioned the legitimacy of the interim government to make them.

“If I can say that the Prime Minister of Mali was born of two uprisings. The uprising in August 2020 was an uprising within an uprising.” Speaking democratically, Macron added, “The current government has zero credibility.”

Macron said the comments were “even more unacceptable” in light of the death of French soldier Maxim Blasco in an operation in Mali, which France paid tribute to on Wednesday.

“We paid a national tribute to Sergeant Blasco and now he is buried with his family. What the Prime Minister of Malia said is unacceptable, it is a shame.

Paris has already strongly condemned and denied Maiga’s allegations that the elimination of the Barkhane force was “a kind of turmoil in mid-flight”.

“I know Malin doesn’t think so,” he said. Macron.. “Malians are the first victims of jihadist terrorism. Many of them are thinking about the children they have lost through terrorism, but they are also thinking about the families of the soldiers whose sons are thousands. Kilometers died to help save Mali.

“That Malin’s current leadership Shows such an insult to our soldiers, which is shed, is unacceptable. “

Macron said he expects “nothing” from the Mali government, and confirmed that the country must honor its promise to hold elections in February, as agreed with the West African bloc. Equivas., And stop imprisoning political leaders.


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