October 25, 2021

Macron announces ‘Center of Excellence’ for French cooking.


French President Emmanuel Macron has raised his bid for re-election, announcing the creation of a Center of Excellence dedicated to French gastronomic cooking.

Unveiling the project during a visit to Lyon on Sunday, Macron said it aims to defend and promote various culinary professions and prepare participants for international competitions.

He compared the Center of Excellence to the football training centers at Claire Fontaine, Ulynes, and the Rugby Center at Marcosis, Esson, where national teams meet before major competitions.

Cook food?

Macron said the training center would aim at all culinary crafts, training professionals to “perform at their best, train in big competitions and prepare the players you are going to win in the name of the colors of France”.

Speaking in front of 200 guests in one. Annual meeting Macron, one of France’s leading chefs and pastry chefs, also hinted that the station could be set up in Lyon, which he described as a “center of excellence”.

The center itself is the brainchild of Guillaume Gomez, 43, a former chef at Elise Palace, who was named Macron’s “personal representative in the French gastrointestinal service” in February.

The French hospitality industry has been short of workers since cafes and restaurants reopened after months of lockouts.

“You’ve continued to innovate … don’t lose that spirit to win,” Macron told his audience.

“Gastronomy is the center of the art of being French.”


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