October 17, 2021

Macron announced more funding for animal shelters.

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On World Animal Day, French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged an additional 15 million euros for the restoration and maintenance of animal shelters. He also stressed the importance of finding a balance between animal rights and traditional methods such as farming and hunting.

The president spent part of it. World Animal Day The SPA Animal Shelter for Dogs and Cats at the Haute-Saône Department in Gray, where it announced an increase in funding for centers that care for stray animals.

He reiterated the government’s position on defending a law, preventing animal abuse in parliament and Leaving pets, France is one of the worst criminals in Europe.

Despite recent media attention, the SPA says the number of stray pets has increased by several percent.


On the subject of hunting vs. animal rights, Macron called for “reconciliation”.

“Often we pit these two worlds against each other,” Macron said, referring to animal rights defenders on the one hand and hunters and farmers on the other.

“Everyone is sensitive to the living conditions of animals, while at the same time many of our fellow citizens are attached to their rural traditions,” he said.

According to Hélène Thouy, co-founder and candidate of the Animal Party (Party Animalist) in the 2022 presidential election, the question of hunting is a big issue in France.

“Hunters have succeeded in convincing political leaders that their purpose is important, but they represent only two percent of the population,” she says.

Support for animal rights

When asked about the 2.2% turnout for the Animal Party in the 2019 European elections, Macron agreed: We live among the living. “

Animal rights have become a major issue in the presidential campaign, partly because of highlights examples of animal cruelty by militant organizations. L214. Which regularly publishes video of scenes in spaces.

On the subject of farm animals, he also outlined the government’s efforts.

“We have modernized 150 rooms, including 50 that are equipped with video surveillance,” he said.

It lists other measures, such as banning laws. Cutting male chicks And pig castration, which will take effect in 2022.

Workers like you are not convinced. “It’s great to talk about it, and to make promises, but now we need concrete steps,” he said, noting that the Senate’s failure to ratify the law on the use of wild animals in circuses Would have been abandoned.


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