Love Island’s Cady McDermott reveals she FINALLY bought former Toey Miles Barnett out of their £1 million mega mansion.

LOVE Island’s Cady McDermott has revealed that she FINALLY bought ex Toey Miles Barnett out of their £1 million mega mansion after a bitter breakup.

The 26-year-old reality TV star and Miles purchased a chalet bungalow back in 2019 in Hertfordshire and began renovating together, regularly sharing the news on their joint Instagram account.


Cady McDermott has revealed that she finally bought ex Miles Barnett out of their joint home.1 credit
The Couple Purchased A Bungalow In Hertfordshire In 2019 But Separated In 2021.


The couple purchased a bungalow in Hertfordshire in 2019 but separated in 2021.Credit: @ourbungalowproject_/Instagram

The couple, who first got together in 2018 but broke up several times during their whirlwind romance, have confirmed it’s all over in 2021.

Despite their temporary relationship, they spent thousands of dollars renovating their home into a chic six-bedroom two-story home.

Cady has now revealed that she is the proud owner of McDermott Manor after buying the property back from her ex.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Cady said: “I just bought my ex out of the house, I’m very happy about it.

“I am finishing the renovation, I hope to do another project at the end of the year.

“At the end of this month, I have a restart of my fitness app, so we do a lot of things with it. I hope to travel more this year when Covid calms down.”

The TV beauty showed off on social media the incredible transformation of the home, which boasts a movie theater, multiple cozy interiors, and a garden makeover that could easily be mistaken for a luxury beach resort.

Cady may be busy with various work projects, but teases that she still has time for dates.

When asked if she was dating anyone in a romantic relationship, she replied, “Yes, I have been on dates. But I don’t say.”

Cady, who rose to fame in the 2016 series Love Island, also revealed that she was cut from the cast of E4’s Celebrities Go on Dates.

However, she admitted that she is not resting on her laurels, as she signed up for a new reality show in sunny Los Angeles in March.

“Celebrities go on dates. I was going to go for it, I think I got dumped because of someone else,” Cady said at the Dirty Dancing premiere.

The reality star explained that she was contacted by the show’s bosses to join this year’s line-up, but she turned it down.

“Last year I was going but didn’t want to, the one that just passed, they sent an email to my management but it was the wrong time and all,” she continued.

“In March, I’m going to Los Angeles for the show “It’s on the E!”.

“It could be a new show, it’s still up in the air.”


Cady and Miles, 27, first met in 2018, just weeks after he broke up with his Towie co-star Courtney Green.

The loving couple bought their bungalow together within a few months but parted ways after a heated argument in August 2019.

Cady and Miles got back together, but in March 2020 they parted ways again and sources close to the couple said they were “on hiatus”.

At the time, an insider told The Sun Online, “Cady and Miles are spending some time apart right now. They decided to go their separate ways during lockdown but hope to get things back on track and move to a new location together.

“They broke up once last year but were determined to make things work after buying the bungalow and starting a major renovation.

“The plan is still for them to move in together and hopefully the time apart will be just what they need.”

Cady then had a brief affair with Aston Villa footballer Matty Cash, but they broke up last year.

She began dating the 24-year-old sports star over the summer, but the couple struggled to keep the relationship going in the long run.

A source said: “Cady and Matty had a great couple of months but decided they weren’t right for each other.

“They are still friends and keep in touch, but it’s not romantic anymore. They both had just ended long romances when they got together, so maybe they weren’t ready.”

Cady appeared in the second series of Love Islands and dated her co-star and on-screen boyfriend Scott Thomas for a year after the show.

The 'Love Island' Star Is Finishing Work On His Mega Mansion


The ‘Love Island’ star is finishing work on his mega mansionCredit: @ourbungalowproject_/Instagram
The Bungalow Has Been Converted Into A Two-Story House.


The bungalow has been converted into a two-story house.Credit: ourbungalowproject_/Instagram
The Couple Started Dating In 2018


The couple started dating in 20181 credit

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