September 21, 2021

Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dyk has broken his finger on the touch line in horrific scenes for the Netherlands.

Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dyck suffered a finger injury that forced him to return to play in the World Cup qualifiers for the Netherlands.

The 30-year-old center-back, who recently returned from a long injury due to an ACL injury, walked two minutes into the second half to see his finger during a away match against Norway.

Van Dyk went to the shore to look at his finger.


Van Dyk went to the shore to look at his finger.
He was rushed back to the hospital by paramedics.


He was rushed back to the hospital by paramedics.

He was quickly returned by his healers and was able to return to action.

The terrible incident did not affect Van Dyk’s performance as he and his Dutch teammates did not score a goal in the second half.

But the Netherlands had to settle for one point after a 1-1 draw with Norway.

Borussia Dortmund striker Earling Holland took the lead for the home side in the 20th minute when he escaped Van Dick’s grip to close the gap.

But the Dutch equalized 16 minutes later when Van Dyk’s former Liverpool teammate Giorgione Vijnaldum knocked Dewey Klassin home.

The result leaves Norway and the Netherlands at seven points after four qualifying games, one point behind Group G leaders Turkey.

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Van Dyck, meanwhile, who is expected to line up against Montenegro and Turkey in the next seven days, recently talked about returning to football after a long absence from the AC. He had to endure the end of 2020 after recovering from L’s injury.

He told Liverpool Echo: “I am proud, I have worked hard so far where I am and obviously I have been very supportive of my wife and my children.

“Obviously, I’ve played and the first one was very emotional and very tough for a lot of reasons.

“Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

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“And it was like an obstacle. I had to overcome it because I felt like it would come again. So that’s what I thought.”

Liverpool have scored seven points in their first three Premier League games.

In their last match before the international break, the Reds drew 1-1 with Chelsea at Anfield.

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Jordan Henderson has signed a long-term contract with Liverpool.

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