October 22, 2021

Little Mix’s famous friends follow Jesse Nelson as Anne Marie, MNEK and Paloma Faith return to the band in a row.

Little Mix’s famous colleagues have started following Jesse Nelson as the black phishing queue continues.

Her good friend Anne Marie made the move when she went straight to Instagram with former bandmate Nikki Minaj and laughed when she called Lee Ann Panak a “clown.”

Anne Marie has stopped following Jesse Nelson in the middle of the row.


Anne Marie has stopped following Jesse Nelson in the middle of the row.Credit: Instagram
Jesse is accused of black phishing.


Jesse is accused of black phishing.Credit: Scholar

Anne Marie appeared with the band on the track Kiss My (Uh Oh), but she made it clear where her loyalty lies.

Palma Faith and MNEK, meanwhile, have publicly supported the group since the debate began.

Things got worse between the group last week when Jesse released his first single Boys, which included Nikki Minaj.

Lee Ann Panok, 30, is thought to have been accused of “black phishing” – when a white man uses black culture to further his career or online presence.

In messages that are believed to have been sent to the impressive nine-year-old from Lee Ann’s account and shared with her 341,000 followers via live stream, the star wrote: “He blocked us “Cut us off, terrible man.”

When asked by her fans if they should make dancing a habit for boys, Lee Ann replied: “No. Make a video about her being a blackfish instead.

The situation was further aggravated when Jesse went directly with Nikki Minaj to deal with black phishing claims.

Although Jesse didn’t directly address Lee Ann’s situation, he laughed when Nikki scolded and ruined his former bandmate, and later thanked him for defending him.

He also insisted that it was not meant to offend anyone – and that his tan and curls were natural.

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Later, Nikki swiped on Lee Ann before quickly deleting it.

After the series ended, Nikki wrote on Instagram: “I’m like !!

Jesse worked with Nikki Minaj in her first solo single.


Jesse worked with Nikki Minaj in her first solo single.Credit: 3.
Paloma Faith has expressed support for the band.


Paloma Faith has expressed support for the band.Credit: Scholar
Jesse Nelson admits that Little Mix Band Matt Lee NDID warned her against black phishing last year – because she insists on natural tan and curly hair.

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