September 21, 2021

Lisa Armstrong poses with her boyfriend on a ‘date night’ while ex-Mac Partlin is on a honeymoon

Lisa Armstrong poses with her boyfriend on “Date Night” – while her ex-aunt MacPartlin was on Honeymoon.

The make-up artist, 44, shared a photo with James Green while enjoying a show at Fakhr Cabaret in London.

Lisa Armstrong enjoyed her date night with boyfriend James Green.

lisaarmstrongmakeup / Instagram.

Lisa Armstrong enjoyed her date night with boyfriend James Green.

The couple met Dennis Van Outen.

lisaarmstrongmakeup / Instagram.

The couple met Dennis Van Outen.

Lisa was smiling in a blue silk, long-sleeved top with a pair of black pants, completing the look tied to her hair.

James was wearing a pair of cream chinos, a blue shirt with a gray jacket.

He was also received by Dennis Van Outen, the star of the Cabaret show.

He wrote under the caption of the photo: “Date night …. thank you so much outvanouten_denise we had the best night to invite us rouproudcabaret such a great show !!” #kabri #heart xx “

Dennis responded in a comment: “I’m glad to see you both! At least now we know who Taiga is. #Downwiththekids.”

Fans expressed good wishes, one person said: “Very happy now you are happy”

Another added: “You look amazing and very happy – and she’s beautiful.”

A third said: “Beautiful pair”

The couple has been sharing their romantic dates on Instagram, including a beautiful stay a week after Ant’s wedding.

The couple – who met before the first national lockdown in 2020 – traveled to Coateswalls, a village in Chapping Norton, to spend some standard time with the 38-year-old electrician.

Soho Farmhouse has plenty to offer on the 100 acres of Oxfordshire, including a pool, cinema, spa and gym.

Their various rooms and cabins cost between £ 250 and رات 4,670 per night.


It came as his ex-wife, MacPartlin, was enjoying a honeymoon with his wife, Anne Marie, and their mutual friend, Jonathan Wilkes, and his wife, Nikki.

“I do it at an” emotional “event in Hackfield, Hampshire, earlier this month,” said Ant and Anne Marie.

The 45-year-old telestar praised his beautiful wife at St Michael’s Church.

Ant and Lisa tied the knot in 2006, but announced their plans to divorce in 2018.

Late this summer, he revealed that he had fallen in love with Pan Marie, a close friend of Lisa.

The couple’s 31 31 million divorce was finalized in April 2020 after a lengthy legal battle – including the custody of their beloved dog, Hurley.

Former Lisa Armstrong of Ant Mack Partlin became a TV star during the day when she showed makeup tips on Stephen’s packed lunch.

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