Linda Spence’s killers instigated a massive police search after chatter behind bars about the whereabouts of her remains.

Linda Spence’s killers spilled the beans in prison about the whereabouts of her remains, leading to a massive police search in a remote forest, as we can uncover.

Maniacs Colin Coates and Philip Wade tortured 27-year-old financial consultant Linda to death 11 years ago.


Linda Spence was killed by an evil couple 11 years ago.Credit: Universal News & Sports.
The Evil Couple Was Convicted For Her Murder, Despite The Fact That The Body Was Not Found.


The evil couple was convicted for her murder, despite the fact that the body was not found.Credit: Universal News & Sports.
They Refused To Say Where Linda'S Body Was Thrown.


They refused to say where Linda’s body was thrown.Credit: Universal News & Sports.

The evil couple were convicted of her murder – despite the fact that the body was never found – in 2013 after an 11-week trial.

The prison confession prompted police to begin searching a forest near Dunoon, Argyll last week.

The source said: “The information is taken seriously as it comes from one of them.

“A common police tactic in such cases is to listen to prison cells in the hope that something key will be said.

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“This tactic was used in the case of Allison McGarrigle, who was murdered by vicious pedophiles O’Neill and Laughlin in 1997. However, then it did not work, because it was never found.

“In other cases, prisoners simply claimed to have received important information from the killer in prison.”

But another source says location details could very well be a red herring.

They said: “Some in the main investigation team believe that the intelligence is incorrect. But they have to watch it no matter what.”

Soil scientists, geophysicists, drones, dogs and detectives are scouring more than 21 acres of uneven ground – about the size of 12 football fields.

It was covered in dense forest until hundreds of trees were cut down in 2016. And if a site of interest is found, a ground penetrating radar can be used.

Linda was kidnapped by perverts Coates and Wade in 2011 and slowly tortured to death.

She was kidnapped on a street in Broomhill, Glasgow after she swindled £85,000 from Coates in a fictitious land deal she concocted to finance a life of champagne, fast cars and luxury hotels.

During the 13-day trial, she was imprisoned and tied up in a filthy loft in West Kilbride, Ayrshire.

Her right thumb and little finger were chopped off, her kneecaps were crushed, her toes were crushed with loppers, and her hands were burnt with an iron.

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Coates got at least 33 years and Wade 30 for the gruesome murder.

But they refused to say where Linda’s body was thrown.

Detective Superintendent Suzanne Chow of the main investigation team said: “This detailed work involves Police Scotland detectives, local police officers and special search teams, supported by forensic scientists and experts from across the United Kingdom.

“The operation is expected to take a significant amount of time due to terrain and remoteness.

“Linda’s family has been made aware of this and officers are supporting them during this difficult time. We will keep them updated as the work continues.”

The Scottish Prison Service said: “It would be inappropriate to comment on the ongoing police case.”

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In 2010, pedophiles Charles O’Neill and William Lauchlan were convicted of killing 39-year-old Allison McGarrigle in 1997 and dumping her body into the sea.

The brave Alison had to inform the beasts about the mistreatment of a little boy.

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