September 21, 2021

Lily hinted that she was meeting Jack Grealish as a full cast, as she had met again for the first time since Villa.

Liam Reardon comes face to face with Leila Heinz during the Island of Love festival

Lewy Island winners Milli Court and Liam Rearden face Lily Haynes during the Rey Leon episode.

During his time at the rival Villa Casa affairs, Liam Mili was unfaithful to Laila, which signaled him to split almost, but he won the show and distributed a prize money of 000 50,000. Of

The three met during a Sunday night special and faced questions from host Laura Whitmore.

Looking back at the scenes, Millie said: “It really feels like a long time ago. It’s not nice to see. I’ve already gone through it once. I don’t want to revive it.”

Lily confirmed that she has spoken to Mili since the show ended.

Asked how he was, Lily replied: “I love it. I love to see it all. I don’t even feel a part of it.

“I think when you look at them together, you can see how fit they are. They’re also the perfect couple. It was great to be apart.

Liam told Lily: “Everything has happened. You’re a good person, I’m a good person. We can at least be friends …

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