September 21, 2021

‘Liam’s Magic of Destruction for the Future’

Break the silence on the fasting teddy bear.

Faye and Teddy have been reunited after being separated from each other on their return to the UK, and appeared on the morning show Lorraine via video call last week.

Christine Lampard began the interview with the couple when asked, to which Faye actually replied: “I didn’t really see her back, we were reviving her, we were then, and Know exactly what happened.

“Obviously it’s not good for everyone to see. I’m embarrassed. I’ve apologized more than once, but now we as a couple have overcome it.”

He added: “It has made us strong, and we are just looking forward to the future – it’s a shame it’s been such a big part of the show.”

Teddy also defended the moment, telling Christine: “We understand each other well so I can see for sure why she would be angry. It was an unrealistic moment that would never happen in the real world. I was devastated that I hurt her, I never liked to see her cry – it hurt to watch.

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