September 18, 2021

Liam Payne, Maya Henry saw the recent post-partition history as a ‘teaser’

Liam Pine and Maya Henry fueled the rumors when they returned together after a date out in Buckinghamshire on Sunday.

The Exxons were seen enjoying each other’s company, while at the luxurious Poolside Bar in Upper Market Beacon Field. An eyewitness saw them in a special crazy beer hotel where cocktails were siping and flirting with each other.

“They were touching each other all the time. Hitting and tampering with weapons. I would say it’s a heavy painting.” the sun He added that the 27-year-old singer “even put his hand around her on one occasion.”

The eyewitness said that Pine and Henry “did not kiss” but they were not afraid to show that they were together on a date.

“They were sitting in the open and it wasn’t like they were hiding the fact that they were together from what I could see. They didn’t care who saw them. Then the onlookers left.” ۔ ” .

He reportedly went to Payne’s Rolls Royce with two male friends. A photo from her date shows the 21-year-old American model getting into a car just ahead of the former One Direction singer.

The alliance was revived after Peon signaled in a social media post that he would return with his ex-fianc. He apologized to her in a post on Instagram stories in which fans were worried about his mental health.