September 20, 2021

Lewis Hamilton saw the gas pass despite environmental advocacy.

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is facing criticism after he was seen driving a Pagani Zonda 760 LH at will. Although it is not surprising to see an F1 Star driving a supercar, the Mercedes driver is reacting to his earlier claim that he intends to stick to eco-friendly electric vehicles.

Last year, Hamilton sat down. Reuters Talking about his career as a seven-time Formula 1 World Champion as well as his numerous advocacy. In an interview published in September 2020, Hamilton claimed that he was on a mission to complete his carbon footprint as an F1 driver.

He claimed, “I no longer drive any of the cars I own. I only drive my (electric Mercedes) EQC.” In addition, Hamilton also uses the Smart EQ ForTwo as an alternative zero-emission ride. That’s why it came as a surprise to many when he was spotted on the streets of Monaco behind his gas-powered Pagani Zonda 760LH.

Over the years, the British have raised their voices about their vegan lifestyle, often posting vegan leather outfits in addition to limiting their diet to plant-based foods. It is also rumored that he has sold his private jet, and is reportedly asking to leave the airport in electric vehicles.

I video The seven-time world champion, which was shared on YouTube on August 4, 2021, can be seen passing through a port full of luxury yachts while surrounded by several uniformed personnel or security personnel. He then thanks them before entering the metal-purple pagoda. The crew clears the area as people try to take pictures and videos of the racing superstar and his ride.

He then ignites the AMG-powered vehicle and the video hears the roar of a powerful V12 engine. He then drives slowly, trying to cross the narrow streets of Monaco. The cameras follow him in every way until he manages to get out on a wide road where he finally let the pedals into the metal and let his car safely.

The 760-horsepower car also obviously got a lot of attention in Monaco, where many residents own their own supercars. While it’s a pleasure to own and drive a car, critics are once again questioning the sincerity of Hamilton’s advocacy, which includes diversity in the workplace.

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning first place in Friday’s qualifying at Silverstone.
Lars Baron / Pool

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