September 18, 2021

Lewis Hamilton said Mercedes could close the gap on the Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton conceded that Mercedes needed to win both races on Saturday and Sunday to close the gap between the current leaders of the championship at Silverstone and Red Bull Racing.

The Austrian team currently leads the Constructors’ Championship with a 44-point lead. Max Versatapen led the British driver by 32 points In the driver’s championship

The Red Bulls have won the last five races, with Mercedes winning the Spanish Grand Prix twice before. Worstapen has won three in a row to extend his lead over the seven-time champion, and Hamilton feels the Silver Arrow needs to capture his slide by overcoming Silverstone.

The British GP will see a new format that will take part in a 17-lap sprint race with drivers on Saturday, deciding the grid for the race on Sunday. Therefore, instead of the usual 26 points on offer for a race winner on a regular race weekend, there are 29 points for a grip with a spirit winner with an additional three points.

Hamilton is anxious for Mercedes to perform better in his home program, but he is not convinced that the upgrade that Silver Arrow has taken will be enough to close the gap on its rivals. The reigning champions are quietly confident of their previous dominance on the track, but qualifying for Friday evening will give a good indication of their speed again.

“We need to win both races at the end of the day.” Hamilton told Sky Sports Saturday’s sprint and Sunday’s race. “It’s not just the first, it’s the second.”

“But, again, it’s going to be difficult. Do we have the same thing? [lap] The speed they have? Impossible, but we may be surprised [in qualifying]. Who knows? “

“I’m trying to be optimistic and positive. I’m really proud of all the men and women who have returned to the factory who have worked so hard to bring this upgrade here. It’s a step in the right direction and I I just hope we can “take advantage of it,” the British added.

Lewis Hamilton
Pictured is Lewis Hamilton in November 2020, aiming to win an eighth world title to overtake Michael Schumacher.
Clive Mason / Pool

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