September 21, 2021

Lewis Hamilton is “unhappy” with Toto Wolf’s 2022 driver lineup decision.

Lewis Hamilton is unhappy to learn that Tutu Wolf, the principal of the Mercedes Formula 1 team, will likely replace his current teammate Voltaire Botas with George Russell for the 2022 season. He wanted to continue his partnership with British Art, which has spent the last five seasons playing the second fiddle on most occasions.

Wolf confirmed. The Belgian Grand Prix last weekend That a decision was made in 2022 regarding Hamilton’s partner. Russell again made a case for himself at number two in Williams, which usually leaves the field behind in recent campaigns.

The seven-time world champion, according to a good source, is not happy with Russell’s future. Hamilton knows that unlike Russell Botas, he has a troubling pace, mainly in his five seasons with Mercedes.

“Tutu has made up his mind to bring George. Lewis has been told and he is not happy Told the Daily Mail.

“He wanted Walter as a teammate because he’s consistent and not in a hurry to upset him, but it’s not happening. You could say, as far as Lewis is concerned, it’s down like a lead balloon. has gone.”

Wolf wants to make sure Botas stays in the F1 beyond 2021, and his chances are dwindling when Kami Rیکikkنnen announces his retirement from the game on Wednesday. The 2007 world champion’s decision to vacate a seat at the Alfa Romeo for 2022, and Mercedes chief Botas are eager to fill it, talks are already expected with Italian team chief decision-maker Frederic Vesuer.

Mercedes is expected to make an official announcement about Russell replacing Botas for the 2022 season in the coming weeks. It is expected to trigger a domino effect that will allow many drivers to see a clearer picture of their F1 future beyond 2021.

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning first place in the Silver Stone qualifying on Friday.
Lars Baron / Pool

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