September 23, 2021

Lewis Hamilton called Red Bull criticism “unacceptable” after joking in Hungary.

Lewis Hamilton laughed and muttered to the crowd at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and the Mercedes driver blamed it on the Red Bull racing team’s comments. The Mercedes driver called his comments “unacceptable” and asked him to think about it during the summer break.

Seven-time F1 World Champion collided with Verstappen in the opening lap at Silverstone, sending the Dutchman through obstacles. Not only did he finish the Red Bull driver’s race, but he was hospitalized all day, while Hamilton won the race and closed the gap in the drivers’ championship.

The F1 fighter arrived in Hungary after a race in Britain and was met with a strong response from the Hamilton crowd. After taking the pole position, he heard a voice

However, the Mercedes Star believes that this reaction was due to the constant criticism of Hamilton after the Christian Horner and Helmet Marco’s Silverstone incident. He was uneasy in his remarks as he openly criticized Hamilton for endangering his driver unnecessarily.

“It was no surprise to me when I think about all the things our opponents’ team management has said.” Hamilton told Speedweek.. “I think some people should think about it during the summer break, because I find some of those statements unacceptable.”

“We have to be careful about which words we choose, especially when we think about looking at children. We have to be role models, we have to encourage people to think positively. As a game. But, we have a special responsibility. These relationships should be discussed in the future.

Red Bull’s misfortune continued in Hungary when the team saw Sergio Perez knock out in the opening lap of a Mercedes Voltaire Botas, and Finn also caused the accident that damaged Versatapen’s car, causing him to lose his order. Dropped to ninth. . Hamilton finished third, beating the Dutch driver in the summer championship.

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning first place in Friday’s qualifying at Silverstone.
Lars Baron / Pool

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